Change is inevitable

Such a cliche and so often wrong (I bet you can name people who seem to resist change actively and / or do not ever seem to change or adapt or grow? I know I can..) And I wonder, why does change cause us so much stress?

As I write this blog entry, I’m about to move into a new apartment. I’m half in one & half in another.. But it gets better. I also own a house in another town, in which my partner of 7+yrs resides.

Or do I call him my ex?  It’s all a bit confusing really. You see I’m breaking up with him.. But he doesn’t know it, nor even suspect it.. We live apart now because I took work out of our town, in order to not go broke.

It’s fair to say that we probably were sub-consciously unhappy, for both of us to accept this as an option. I dunno about you but if the love of my life wanted to up stakes and move towns – I’d probably opt to go with them. Or at the least, I’d pout  big time if we had to be apart..

Neither of these things have happened, it’s been a year now .. And to me it seems to be one of those ‘natural progression’ (inevitable .. change .. you see where I’m going with this?) things – where we no longer are a couple but we’ve not ever actually ended things.

But that’s all about to change! I’m setting things up so I am ready to move on.

New digs, new job, new bank account .. new everything really – because all my old stuff is with the ‘ex’ in my old house. This is all being done “on my lawyers advice”- to protect me, as I prepare to move on.. but I must admit somehow it feels incredibly under-handed somehow.

However, I am paying him the big bucks to tell me what to do that protects me because as he noted: I’m a tad emotional and likely to do dumb shit. Charming eh. Prob’ly quite accurate tho lol ..

And so in the book of “ME“, a new chapter is about to commence. Or is it another ‘volume’? 7+ years full of lots of cool stuff do not a chapter make .. ?

Whatever .. I’m about to open myself up to a world of change and some of it will be distressing, unpleasant and downright scary. But some of it will be fun, enjoyable and exciting too!

My thinking is that this blog will allow me to “brain dump” on days when it all seems a bit much. A) It gives me something to do and B) It saves my friends from thinking I am an utter chore and a bore as I navigate my way through the next crazy few months that undoubtably lie ahead.

Here’s to ME!






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  1. i think you should let your soon to be ex read your blog.. then you wont need to tell him 😛

    • lol yeah tempting! So many times at the moment, I mentally head down the ‘technology’ angle for this job but it has to be done face to face, for all it’s not gonna be easy, I can’t bring myself to do it via text or email. Or blog lol

      • let him “stumble” upon it… or do a britney and send a text.. 😛
        but serious i do agree that its best to do it face to face.. i did once on msn on cam.. lol

  2. ALMOST face to face on cam! LMAO

  3. yeah i feel such a bitch now.. at the time i thought i was a smart ass 😛

  4. So, this is where it all began. 😀

    • Oh hell you found the source of my ravings *grins* seems such a long time ago but was only 6 months really, how time flies 😉

      Am so thrilled I found your blog, I love the insights you give me (a shrink would charge a fortune and probly not be as good!)

      • Well, this post is where it all began. I had to make my mark by commenting on the legendary LITFL’s first ever post. It’s a monumental accomplishment… for myself, of course, you know, for me to be able to say that and have my name safely ensconced in the record books. 😉

        (By the way, I’m going to use the acronym LITFL from now on, ’cause I’ve decided that I’m too lazy to type out Lifeinthefarcelane. What can I say? Author Mark Bauerlein refers to my generation as “The Dumbest Generation”. :P)

        I will always appreciate the girl from the youngandfaded blog for writing the post about her sexual interest in another girl, ’cause I happened to click your name and found your blog, and well, the rest is history.

        I just wish that I could have read your blog back in June. During that time, I was acting like one depressed motherfucker instead of trying to change, sleeping late into the day, staring at the ceiling, eating stale cereal and doing nothing productive.

        Don’t you ever, and I mean ever, stop writing, because your blog is too fun, enticing and entertaining, and there’s an absolute shitload of people that can and will vouch for that. If I’m in a writing funk, I know I’ll be visiting your blog. Gets the creative juices going. 😉

      • Legendary LITFL .. hmm I need a better acronym I think! 😉

        Legendary in my own mind maybe? hahah .. you’re gonna be good for my ego I can tell!

        But I do appreciate your comments and love love love your blog, so we can have our own mutual fan club perhaps?

        Stale cereal eh. Not good!

        Dunno if reading my dribble would have helped you back then or if it’d just make you hate me cos I dumped a guy too? You certainly sound like you’re in a healthy “moving fwd” space which is exciting! The funk thing has its place and needs to be done, worked thru then put behind you so well done on taking those steps!

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