Live life on the edge: Go on, take the plunge!

Don’t  get me wrong: this isn’t a simple thing to always do. There will be moments (some of them looong!) of introspection and doubt.. Of pure unadulterated fear even. But OH when you finally do it, when you take the plunge and grab life with both hands -it’s exhilarating .. As well as scary!

Today I’ve had an at home day and it’s been very enjoyable. I’ve had terrible music playing – I have a fondness for country music when I’m home alone, nuff said 😉

And many of the songs today were laments about love lost .. Or love never found. Of choices that left people in bad situations (perhaps the saddest?)  Then there are the songs of lonely men or women. Those living with someone they don’t love. Or those living without the “one” – that person it seems we’re all hard-wired to seek out.

Mm so a recipe for depression if the mood takes you!

But I chose to listen to the songs today and take from each the following messages:

1. Don’t settle. Life’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s ok to aim high, to dream.

2. Don’t give up. When life hands you lemons, grab some tequila and ice – you know the rest!

3. Don’t do something just because other people say you should. They have NO idea what it’s like being in your shoes.

4. Be strong. Even when you think you can’t = you can, so STAY strong!

5. Believe in yourself. Others may be saying “no no”, but why not try it and see how it goes?

6. Be kind to yourself. I wonder if #6 is the most important? After all, it’s hard when you’re at home vacuuming, listening to a song about a woman in her 30’s feeling lonely cos she can’t meet a man .. Find that something which makes you feel good. Be gentle on you.

All those messages aside, I know there’s been many a time I’ve done ‘dumb stuff’ (based on feedback from friends / family members) because I felt it was right – because I was being brave .. And ya know what?

I learned from each ‘dumb’ thing!

Sure, sometimes I learned painful lessons. Sometimes I learned about myself. Sometimes I am not sure WHAT I learned.. but I am sure I did learn something. Even if it’s just “I did not enjoy X”. Still a good lesson, no?

So, my challenge to you is TAKE the plunge – live your life on the edge. Or over the edge!

 Take chances. You may crash and burn but you know what? You may just fly too.

And how cool will that feel?



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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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