Harden up! No, wait – Don’t!

I don’t like hard people. I can tolerate rude people.. I can handle arrogant people.. I mostly enjoy funny people. I can grit my teeth thru’ depressed and sad people but I can’t stand being around hard people. 

My guess is that in order to become hard, some seriously uncool things have to happen and that clearly takes it’s toll.

Now and then I get accused of being hard. I personally think there is a big difference between being hard and being firm in one’s resolve tho so I’d like to take the time to defend this accusation!

I can end a relationship that is going nowhere and / or is doing me harm. I can have a pet euthenased if I am told it’s quality of life is dimished beyond x point. I can stand strong in what I believe in even when everyone around me is arguing the toss.

I don’t cry when faced with drama, I deal with it. (Sure, I may go away and melt down later, when the drama has passed and all is back on track but shhh!)

And heck, even when people are mean to me – and let’s face it, it happens to us all – even as grown ups! I can take it. I look at them while they do it and I tilt my head (so I am told) and I deal with it.

Now tis fair to say I do not enjoy any of these things, but I can do ’em. Does that make me hard? No. I think it means I have a backbone..

A hard person is one who has that set to their mouth. Like a very tart lemon just got rubbed across their lips. There’s a lack of lustre in their eyes.

Or worse: a slightly unpleasant glint when they’re amused at something bad going down.

A hard person has (frown) lines in the middle of the forehead as opposed to (laughter) lines around the eyes. OK that was just me being a smart ass but maybe there’s something in it?

So, to those of you who think I am hard, mean and awful because I chose to end a relationship that was not working for me, I say: 

No one said I was grown up *grin*


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. LOL!! your humor actually makes my insides giggle. Very enjoyable read 🙂

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