Wake up! This isn’t a relationship.. It’s a wake!

Oops is that a tad negative? Meh, whatever .. that’s how I felt during the final few months of my recently ended relationship. How was it for you? Void of emotion city? Loathing central? Totally over it territory?

Those days when a relationship lapses into the “dead zone” are so sad.. partly you so don’t wanna be there. After all, you didn’t enter the arrangement with an end in sight, right?

But some times you go there before the other person and that’s a lonely place to be too.  Both suck.

The dead zone is filled with loneliness. Doubt. Fear. Sadness. Tears. Cost. Emotional and fiscal. It’s a horrible place to be..

But it is also a place of transition. A place of new beginnings. Of change. Even a place of hope, perhaps?

Yeah I know .. mostly that end zone is a place of sadness. I hear you 😦


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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