A life-time of nothing ..

Or a few moments of wonderful .. Which would you prefer?

This is quite a hard question to answer because in my experience, so many people accept the life time of less-than-fabulous.. For whatever reasons, and it’s not my job to go “don’t do it”, cos clearly they have their reasons.. some people say “this is my lot” and they deal with it.

To them I say “OK” but for me, no reason exists that is enough to keep me experiencing “average”. I want so much more..

Is that so bad? (Ask me in 50yrs time when I’m alone, single and cradling 567 cats in my lap lol)

All jesting aside ..

When did the rules change?

Why do we have to “tolerate” life? When did it get to the point where “not being beaten” is a benchmark to aspire to? When did “I don’t hate him” become the pinnacle of relationship success?

For me, it’s got to be better. Or it’s got to not be. There, I said it. I am actually happy to accept I could be alone my entire life .. for however long the universe says that might be, than be “settling” in any way.

Am I crazy .. Or am I clever?


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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