How do YOU fall in love?

Me, I fall hard! And reasonably fast too.. Which annoys me cos I’m reasonably rational as a rule but omg affairs of the heart leave me lost & confused! As well, tho – I must admit that I think I am a high-maintenance / demanding pain in the ass.

I can hear you whispering amongst yourselves: a) no wonder she’s single and b) how the hell did she ever land a guy in the past!? 😉

The reason I can get a man is cos I’m kinda fun. I have a great sense of humour. I am cynical but not hard-bitten. I’m the kinda gal you CAN take home to Mom. I know all the right things. Me and Martha Stewart go way back. Or Nigella – depending on your point of view / country.

I can cook, clean and do the domestic goddess thing. I’m a firecracker in the sack. I love sex.. What’s not to love, when it’s good? It doesn’t even have to be called love making for me. Labels annoy me.

I’m intelligent, I’m driven but can do “slothful” well when required too. I make shitloads of money. I have no debt. I’m the catch of the century.

So why the fuck am I single / unable to find “that” relationship? Why do I fall hard but then find myself in that land of “nothing” after a while – maybe a few weeks, sometimes longer ..

Do tell, I’d like to know cos I’m kinda OK with being one half of something fabulous. And right now I’m one half of something shitty .. again.

What’s that about?


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  1. Because men are intimidated by someone successful. Perhaps, more successful than them. It will take a strong man to be able to handle a woman’s success, even if it means she will be on a higher pedestal than him. It takes a certain type of man to not fear a woman of your measure.

    • You’re right. I’ve had both the strong nice guy who ended up resenting my strength cos he felt un-needed. And I’ve had the weak nice guy but then I ended up resenting his lack of strength. Ironically, I LIKE being in control / being strong and independant… so the latter should work well but clearly it doesn’t.. Somewhere there has to be a balance I just gotta work out where the heck it is.

  2. Maybe your looking in the wrong areas?
    For example: (and these are just ideas) Someone like you – who is confident, successful and a real go getter – may be looking for someone who isn’t all those things.
    Start looking at the areas within yourself that could use another. Not the areas that are complete as you are. I found my partner when I wasn’t looking but going through a major dose of self development and seeing all these areas that could use improvement – that improvement came in male form 🙂 Kinda like my complete other half. It was so suprising – I even jump back when he tried to kiss me for the first time! LOL I know 😉
    But it will come …. when you least expect it probably from the last person you expected it from. And it will be FANTASTIC!
    Never give up hope – You WILL find your match and they will find you. Trust in the universe to deliver and it will.

  3. Yeah, my last guy was very much the opposite to me except that we were reasonably aligned in our core values.. so I get where you’re coming from but for me (in this case) eventually, I found his “difference” annoying and the poor guy wouldn’t have had any clue why of course cos he’s just being HIM. I dont even think I changed .. we just drifted into no-man’s land .. were existing vs loving / living and being happy. I was kinda neutral mostly and went into spikes of bad (or the occasional good).. so not how it’s meant to be, I hope??

  4. i think love is a very important component of finding purpose and contentent in your life. it is finally when things start to make sense. i just hope, me — like many others — are afforded the opportunity to achieve that.

    • Gosh .. really? Purpose and love linked .. do you know, I’ve never thought of that? I have so many things I do with purpose but (for all my blog bangs on about love and relationships and crap I do actually do other things now and then heheh) I am not sure that finding love is part of that “purpose”. My mission statement is flawed! Good comment, thanks 🙂

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