Why the need to mate?

Why do humans feel the need to be paired up with someone? What’s missing (apart from the obvious sexual equipment!) in our lives .. in ourselves.. that makes us think we can find that completion in some other person?

And just how illogical is that concept, when you stop to really think about it!?

Here’s a complete stranger I spy across the crowded room. He’s cuuuute, nice smile. Mmm, nice ass too. Ohhh.. a platinum credit card. I’m in love.. OK OK I’m being cynical but this is one of those posts, so bear with me.

I was watching some show on telly awhile back that showed jungle cats in their natural habitat – including their way of finding a mate.. It was fascinating!

Animal attraction is explainable..

They don’t have to fuck around with telling each other how much they love them. Engagement rings, valentines day, walks on the beach, movie night.. Whatever! If they give each other the silent treatment it’s cos they’re hiding from something .. They’re concerned with survival..

What’s important to them is sourcing their next meal, warding off prey, protecting their young, their turf etc All things they do, and many of these things are done together but their roles are clear and they just get on with it.

She never sits with the baby moaning because he’s off at work all day. When he brings home the bacon (or deer or rabbit) she sets to doing her bit and life is all ticketty-boo.

So why can’t we be as sorted as the jungle cats or rabbits or .. even the domesticated moggy most of us have?

Oh yeah cos they have instincts, where we have brains..

Big fat friggen lot of good the brains do us though huh. It enables us over analyse, stress out and think about things way more than is probably healthy…

Next guy I see that I think is cute, I’m gonna walk up snarl at him, snatch some food off him then rub myself up his arm and purr..

Let’s see how that works for me..


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  1. Thanks for liking my blog. You are hilarious btw! 😉

  2. To be honest I’m not really sure how to make this thing work, I can just about manage to post and edit #newtotheblogosphere

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