Common themes in my relationships

It occurred to me yesterday that if I am to have any luck (luck is probably the correct adjective too!) finding a man who will be able to put up with me and with whom I won’t become frustrated, bored or “over”, then I need to do a little bit of soul searching and sort some stuff out.

So I started by thinking about the 4 long term relationships I’ve had. I didn’t bother with the 1-night stand / short term kinda guys. They served a purpose but are more of a fun thing than a long term thing (or are they .. hmm might have to delve into that next post!)

I then started to think about any common denominators that existed in my relationships .. Other than ME, that is..!

I don’t have an age “issue”. Last guy was 11yrs my junior.. Guy before him was the same age as me. Guy before him 7yrs older than me etc I do find myself preferring younger men to perv at in the streets / clubs, but then again: I have been smitten by men charging up to age 50 as well. So yeah: Age doesn’t matter.

3 of the 4 were incredible in the sack. The last one so bad it was surreal. Not really a pattern there. After all: I ended it with guys who were good or bad in bed, for all I prefer them to be good!

2 were struggling financially or at best: getting by OK. 1was loaded. 1 was going to become wealthy, he just needed a little more time to get there. Money, for all I like it: not a driver. As I said once before: I can make my own and lots of it, thankfully.

Now I think on it, one common theme – they all had “issues” (of differing kinds) with their parents .. But who the hell doesn’t? Parents are a pain in the ass, let’s be honest *grin* I always said I’d be the worst kinda mother as I’d want to be waaaay too involved. Imagine the headcase son or daughter *I* would procure!

Not sure the parent thing is significant, do you think it could be?

1 was a smoker, 1 was not, 1 was a drinker, 1 was not. 1 was a geek, 1 was a party boy, 1 liked cats, 1 hated them. 1 was dark haired, another blond .. no common themes emerging except “they’re all different”, right?

Hmm OK so this isn’t really helpful at all. Next plan, anyone??


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