What a girl wants ..

Or what “this” girl wants, anyway! I was driving today when this revelation hit me – I want a man who is “driven”. Irony, I know! Then I started to think about which attributes I love in a man..

1. I want a man who gives a damn about things. What sort of things? Family. Me. Health. Career. Probably more but this is a 1st hack.

2. I want a man who will cosset and nurture me when I need it. And will know when that is. Cos I’m a lousy “needer” (I’m the “carer” remember) .. but sometimes we love (or need, and that’s when it really matters) to be taken care of. Cared for. Helped.. Protected.

3. I want a man who will tolerate my foibles, of which there are .. a few. On a plus note, I could give a rats ass whether the toilet paper roll is this way or that. Squeeze your toothpaste from the middle? I don’t care. Leave hairs in the sink? Meh, so do I. We’ll get a housekeeper!

4. I do want a man who will BE a man. I think this is quite important. And by “be a man” I don’t mean beat your chest or act macho. The guy who gets this statement will know what I mean.. And so will the women..

There’s something so so sexy about that man who’s just comfortable being him..

So, this is a start. The list probably would be longer but I’m typing in a hurry while I wait on a friend …

What would your “I want” list contain?


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  1. I think all girls deserve a guy who’s honest, considerate, makes her feel safe, makes her feel even more fabulous than she already is, and has the ability to make her laugh… and you’re right the full list would be a very long one ….. 🙂

    • Laughter is a very good one, too! And yes, make her feel safe is fabulous. I used to wonder what would happen if any intruder ever came into our home with my latest ex. My guess is he’d hide under the covers and I’d have to go look lmao ..

  2. Hmm, off the top of my head:

    1) He cares about family and friendships and relationships, i.e actually invests time and energy and makes these things a priority;

    2) He isn’t fazed by how bolshy I can be, and will stand up for himself and tell me to shut up when it’s necessary (it’s often necessary!), but won’t ever put me down and will LISTEN to what I have to say, even if he doesn’t agree.

    3) He has ambition and direction and strives for better – whether that’s in his career, or with learning new skills or other self-improvement. Because I find success incredibly sexy, and also think it rubs off on me.

    4) He is emotionally available, and this is crucial, because if he isn’t, I can’t be either (and I need to be). He isn’t too macho to not say what he thinks/feels.

    5) He is strong, physically, mentally and emotionally. (I realise being strong emotionally might seem to clash with point 4 above, but I don’t think being strong and being emotionally open are mutually exclusive). I want him to make me feel protected, feel like a woman.

    6) He has to be tactile and ‘into’ sex. And I mean actually want to nurture our sex life as an interest, try new things, not be put off by my crazy predilections and actually make an effort!

    7) He better be funny, easy-going,adventurous and quick witted.

    I think that’s enough for one day 🙂

    • oooh, I like your list .. looks like we gals could come up with an idea man list between us no probs! Quick witted is good. Successful or driven: 100% agree. Success is sexy. I am an oddity in that I am pretty easy-going but uptight all at once. Work THAT out. Basically, some things I fret about, some I don’t .. and I’m pretty good at communicating so it’s not a secret to the man which bits freak me out lol (Poor men, they have no chance of getting it right do they!)

  3. You and I seem to want the same things in a man. But because I’m such a tomboy, at the end of the day I guess I just want a man who’s more man than me.

    • I know exactly what you mean! It seems so often we get landed with a macho prick who treats up poorly or we get a wimpy nice guy who wants to be taken care of lol that has been my experiences tis fair to say! I want a guy who can be soft, gentle and loving but can cut down a tree, hang a picture, open jars that I can’t, build a fence.. etc I wonder, does such a man exist or are we setting ourselves up for constant disappointment?

    • That is hilariously awesome! 🙂

  4. “I want a guy who can be soft, gentle and loving but can cut down a tree, hang a picture, open jars that I can’t, build a fence.. etc”…
    Can I add to this list that I’d like him to make sweet, sensual love to me, but also to f*** me senseless sometimes too?!

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