The need to change

I had lunch with a friend yesterday and we got to talking about men and why we even want a man in our lives.. This comes back to an earlier post  I made, where I questioned why humans feel the need to pair up. Other than the obvious make babies or have sex thing, that is.

In the course of this conversation, I said to my friend that I felt we were both destined to be single for the (dramatic pause) remainder of our days. And later on in the day I thought about that statement a bit more. 

For all I said it in jest initially, maybe some women are simply not destined to be one half of a happy (or other!) coupling?

Maybe some women will always find themselves becoming bored or disinterested .. or whatever adjective you want to use.. when paired up with someone for an extensive period of time?

I wonder, is there some link to the way society has changed, going on here too?

After all, gone are the days we’d get a job in the local dept. store and work there until we got our gold watch at retirement. Nowadays it’s common (almost expected..) for people to have multiple jobs throughout their career.

Could there be a link to the need for stimulation, an enjoyment of change .. a need for change .. and the types of relationships some of us end up having .. ?


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  1. I think the idea of pairing up for life made sense back in the day when you harvested your own food and needed to breed workers (children) for your farm. I just don’t think this makes sense anymore. As long as you are honest about what you want there is no shame in dating for as long as you’re “feeling it.” I’m willing to bet a lot more men would be on board with this than most people think.

  2. lol I suppose you’re right about some people totally being ok with this concept ..

    The dire warnings of being old and alone in my dotage occasionally make me nervous but I think they’re words said by people who don’t know how to handle someone being single happily!

    • You are right. Most people (women people) are taught to believe that they aren’t complete without a man. If you are like me you feel complete on your own. I know that sometimes it feels like I have to cut parts of me out just to get a man to fit. Not worth it as far as I’m concerned. I want a man next to me not part of me. That’s why I hardly ever feel like I’m alone.

  3. I think people pair because deep down in the soul we all want to be loved. Really loved. Some where in the fairy tale mind of our subconscious, we believe in this thingy they call devotion. That the right person will forever be the prince charming we have read about and secretly hungered for. But I think the reality of it all is… life is a crap shot, some make it some don’t. I do love your question. It has given much to ponder over. 🙂

    • I agree with you. I know I just go all silly at the idea of that love .. but then I get something different and it disappoints. Which comes back to the internal Q I keep asking myself: do I keep trying, do I change what I want (in other words: do I want too much!?) etc .. It’s probly much simpler to just be single than work that Q out *grin*

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