I’ve contracted VBA!

I want to thank whoever dreamed up this chain-award cos it’s got me in touch with some really neat blogs in the last couple of days!

Kinda makes sense when you think that the people who’ve nominated me and / or subscribe to my blog probably will (having a similarly warped mind as me, clearly!) like blogs that I will like! Thus far that is proving to be spot on and I’ve had a great time reading some new blogs.

In order to accept this award I am told I must abide by a couple of rules, and if you are nominated you’ve got to follow them as well.


1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass this award onto 15 new blogging friends.
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers.

First up – my thanks go to 2 lovely bloggers for nominating me:

http://lifeisabowlofkibble.wordpress.com I’m not a dog-lady but I always giggle whilst reading your posts, you have a neat writing style. PLUS you nominated me for this, and I am grateful. Thank you!

http://heellisgoa.com Arrrrrr! (Your pirates post made me laugh out loud and I subbed in immediately and am glad to have ‘met’ you) .. I appreciate the nomination, really .. its cool. You’re cool! Thanks.

Now to share seven random facts about myself.. Hmm random being the key word here I suspect..

Fact #1 My ring fingernail on my left hand splits whenever it gets beyond super short in length. HEY you wanted random you got it..

Fact #2 I used to be afraid of the dark. I think I might still be, actually.

Fact #3 If I was to be an animal I would want to be a monkey. Although pigs have 30 min orgasms I’m told.. hell, I’d probly drop dead from exhaustion half way thru but anyway 😉

Fact #4 I think I have been around a time or two before. One time at least, I was a man.

Fact #5 My fave flower in the whole wide world is the highly perfumed oriental lily.

Fact#6 I could be a tad OCD. I just stuck a label on a spice jar and it took me 8 goes.

Fact#7 I have never eaten bacon.

Pass this award onto 15 new blogging friends.

See now this is harder than it sounds and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this posted but I get there in the end 😉

Below are a few of the blogs I have enjoyed such that I decided to follow them at some stage. Some have amused me, some provoked me / made me think, others have even made me cry at times.. for all of that: I am grateful.

It took me awhile to figure this whole blogging thing out but I feel I have an extended family and a whole bunch of new friends as a result of wanting to work thru’ some of my mental crap of late. It’s awesome!

So without any further ado, please check out some of the blogs I enjoy reading:
















Now the last rule says I must contact and congratulate the awarded blogger: so if you will excuse me, I have a bunch of emails to send ..

Disclaimer – some bugger changed it to 15 before sending it to me .. apparently it’s meant to be 5 .. up to you, I say 😉


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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Nice work! I just subscribed!

  2. This is an awesome challenge. I nominate you again but will save you the chore of having to do everything again. LOL Love your blog and how real you keep things! Thank you for taking time to read mine and leave comments. 🙂

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