What does your category cloud say about you?

So the cloud contains an alphabetised list of the topics that I file my posts in and the more posts in any one category: the larger that category font ‘grows’ ..

In a way it made me smile seeing mine this morning.

Because I think, for all that my life has been topsy turvy in the last .. (forever?) few months .. I’ve somehow maintained my sense of humor, I love life.

I accept and deal with change. I’m hopeful for a relationship and I want love + happiness too!

Grief has it’s place as does stress .. but I like that they’re the least posted in categories of my blog 🙂

What story does your category cloud tell?


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Category? I have a tag cloud. Tags are more cloudy.

  2. They are more cloudy you are right!! Not to be outdone, I have a tag cloud now too *grin*

  3. Ha! Did you just add it? I don’t recall seeing it there.

  4. You’re welcome 🙂 Yeah … you looking real cloudy now

  5. I love the fact that the positive words are so big in your cloud. What you focus on is what you get more of… wishing you happy days in the farcelane : )

  6. My cloud says I’m a man.

    I’m not.

  7. I just realised that my tag cloud says I’m craaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy .. cool..

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