Do I want love or ..

Do I want companionship?

A discussion on Friday evening has left me thinking about this. And “why can’t I have both?” (say it in a whiny tone for best impact k) goes thru’ my mind as I mentally drift around the topic..

My girlfriend said to me “I have to keep the spark alive. It’s all up to me to think of ways of pepping things up” .. Inference being her mate was happy with moving into the more “companion / dinner partner / TV buddy” (etc) phase where she was a little unsure she was quite so ready for this.

So, what does one do to keep the spark going? Can it BE done? And why does the spark fade? Reality takes over and we’re no longer in that honeymoon / trying phase. I know I know .. But WHY?

How can we stop it from lapsing onto that slippery slope of (if you’re lucky) pleasantly dull life together?

And then I want to know:

Do people accept easy (refer to earlier “if lucky” comment) companionship vs. that exciting ‘love’ we all claim to enjoy so much because they’re afraid of being alone or because they’re realistic .. ?

Hmm, I note that this post has the most use of ctrl B and ctrl U ever, it’s a topic I really do fret over because I hate hate hate that switch to “companionship” phase 😦 If I wanted a freaking companion I’d get a labrador.


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  1. This is a tough one for me. I’m not someone who generally needs companionship, but I’m damaged, so who knows. If you want, take a jump over to my buddy Edward Hotspur’s blog and read the rambling nonsensical rant I left in his comments. I swear, this dude is probably two steps away from filing an online restraining order on me.

  2. It’s good to get these things off your chest, Hellis. I haven’t filed a restraining order. Why would I do that when I know a trained sniper? Anyway, we’re all interested in the perfect relationship, or as close as we can come. Apparently the way to keep the spark alive is to fight a lot, and make up a lot. That’s all I can say.

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