Make-Up Sex (Rhymes with sux for a reason!)

Hands up here who actually “likes” it? We see it in the movies .. there’s anger, resentment, rage, swearing, violence sometimes, tears most times and then.. amazingly: there’s orgasms. WTF?

See now I am in danger of showing myself up as a 42yr old marshmallow with no friggen clue about life, I know – but fuckit here goes: I can’t DO make-up sex. If I’m mad, the guy has NO show of getting his rocks off near me.

Or with me, anyway.

And I’ve allegedly got a high sex drive. i.e.: I like a shag as much as.. OK more than most women I suspect. But man oh man, piss me off / hurt me / yell at me and sex is SO far off the menu it aint funny nor is it gonna get you laid.

So what IS the deal with make-up sex? Or angry sex? S’not for me, that is for sure.. Hmm is this the same reason I can’t do roleplay sex? A guy calls me “Momma” or a “Dirty ho-bag” and everything slams shut except my mouth.. (and not in that good way!)

Do you like make up sex and if so – why?


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  1. I absolutely agree! LOL When I am mad I cannot be intimate with the one causing my emotional chaos. I am passionate during love making and if there is no connection…it just can’t happen. My beef is men for the most part get over things quickly and women for the most part need a bit more time before resolution is agreed upon. Make up sex for me is really I’m satisfied with the conflict resolution now let’s “make up” for the pleasure I was forced to go without!

  2. So why do men get over things faster? They’re just less emotional (or we’re crazy?) more intelligent .. why? Cos I KNOW what you mean!! I know I will be over the ‘scrap’ in X amt of time (and for me it isn’t long, I just need a bit of time to rationalise a few things) but a man just goes “oh yeah ok cool” and wham, he’s good. To go .. LOL .. OMG I wanna be a man!! *burns*

  3. I find it difficult to put on make up when having sex – well, lipstick anyway what with all that jiggling about an’ all.

  4. Oh, I am so a man. Seriously, I can fight at f*ck at once. The two realities are completely separate for me. I’m assuming that’s the way it is with men as well.

  5. I know Ben only fights with me for the make-up sex after ahaha 😛

  6. I can do totally objectifying angry sex in my sleep. making love I don’t think I’ve ever done however. I suppose it helps when you kind of don’t like whoever it is you’re fucking in the first place. Or when good sex is their only redeeming quality. I think I’ve had too many loves like that.

    • oh .. sex is their thing .. wow .. light bulb time .. wow .. See I always think I HAVE made love a few times .. or have I made romance in my mind? Gah I don’t know!??!

      • lol. I had no idea I was so confusing! personally I think making love is a myth and we’re all just having what we think we’re having in our heads, oblivious to what the other person thinks.

  7. I don’t think the make-up sex has to happen immediately after a fight. Once when bf and I were fighting, we stayed in separate rooms for a few days and didn’t talk ot each other out of spite. When we started missing each other, we said sorry, hugged, and then we got incredibly turned on. Enter the most amazing make-up sex ever!

  8. I like the comment “we’re having whatever we think in our heads” (I want to say something rude about men but I will resist lol) .. food for thought ..

    LOL @ staying in sep rooms for spite! See now that I could probably do .. it’s the times when you go from standing bawling each other out. Really mad then wham he’s locking lips and you’re into it.

    I probably could get there in the end but it doesn’t seem appealing ..

    Right, next poor man I meet I’ma have a punch up then start snogging him – watch this space I shall report back!

  9. How can you make love to someone your angry with, I do not get it either. but now after all has been resolved , well that is a very different story

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