A criticism (if I may)

of WordPress .. *gasp* Now I am a ferociously loyal person. When I am into something (or someone) I am into them / that – plain and simple. But I wanna slag off WordPress functionality for one moment, if you will allow it .. (you being .. everyone .. esp the WP gods!)


I do not imagine that I, and I solely, attract comments on my blog but I do find it hard to know which I have replied to ..

That is my criticism.

My quesiton is this: Can they be threaded in my dashboard? And if so could someone (you will be my best friend forever but be aware that’s a big job so think about it long and hard before replying) bloody tell me how, please?

Thank you and good night..


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  1. I clink – notify me of follow up via email and I always see a reply …… aaaand everyone else’s lol. But, atleast I get to communicate a little more efficiently and just delete the others 🙂
    Do you get email follow ups?

  2. I don’t get near enough comments but I think this is how it works. Choose “comments” from the left sidebar of the dashboard, it will list all (or pending, approved, spam – you choose at the top) comments. Hover over the comment and get a selection of actions below the comment. Select reply or edit or spam or? Your reply will be listed directly above the comment it belongs to.
    I agree with you. The way WP handles comments doesn’t flow easily. Seems there should be a better way. I wish it indicated what post the comment was on. Sometimes I don’t know WTH the commenter is talking about.
    I found your blog via a Versatile Blogger Award link and really enjoy. Kudos!

    • OK so doing comments from the actual POST is the way to clearly see who you are replying to. Sorta annoying but at least I worked out a way to ensure I don’t miss anyone out..

      Rita, that is what my gripe is too – it doesn’t seem clear to me which comment I’m posting to even tho there’s the lil icon on the side etc I just find the comments page really confusing. Must be the blond hair?

      This way is by far the simplest ..

      Thanks for enjoying my blog, ditto! I’ve really enjoyed finding a bunch of new blogs since that award was dished out. Very cool idea 🙂

  3. From the Dashboard I have a tab for “Comments I’ve made” I use that all the time to see if there are any follow up replies to my comment. The only thing I hate about that is it doesn’t show all of them. We need an entirely new selection for all comments made to, from and follow up replies. Something like notifications on Facebook would be great. How can we make this happen?

  4. I say we uh .. um … we .. email someone?! I agree, it is NOT simple to use .. My latest trick of checking each post and comments that way makes a mockery of the blimming comments Ive made page huh!

    Maybe an email to WP?

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