The thrill of the chase..

I am *that* girl.. OK fine, that woman since at 42 one can’t really be considered a girl.. But I digress.. I am the woman you can take home to meet your parents. Heck you can take me to your work ‘do’ or any formal family function and I will fit in fine.

Mothers looove me. I am wholesome (in some ways lol) I can cook / bake, talk knowledgeably about gardening, bridge or whatever. And Dads love me too. I can parallel park my car. Shoot stuff. I drink Scotch (watered down only with an ice cube or 2) and I don’t disapprove (or even care) when they swear.

So whilst I bang on about how many of my relationships fail and I lament how I don’t get men – there are many (we won’t count: that wouldn’t, dignified k) men out there who’ve tried to snap me up and turn me into their missus.

Below are a couple of examples:

Man #1 – was a guy a little older than me, from the Eastern side of the US of A, who flew to my town to meet me, without telling me. Wanted to surprise me .. well he did alright. I was out of town! To be fair, he was coming over for business and added a few days on. But that still somehow smacked of crazy stalker man and freaked me out so I phased him out slowly ..

Man #2 – was a young man from my own country, but he lived some 800 miles away. We met a few times where possible and it was lovely .. (he was a kick boxer, nuff said? wink wink) but we lived in diff towns so I figured it was a no-go and we kinda fizzled out slowly but surely, over a few months.

Then out of the blue he texts me to say he’s moved to my town and wants to catch up. Yeah about that .. Sorry, I now live in another town (refer earlier “I like change” post) 😉

Man #3 – this one was plain weird. And I learned a very valuable lesson about on-line dating. Back in the olden days, before it was ‘the done thing’, I chatted online. I met a man. He gave great chat. I would ask for pics, he’d always say “don’t have any on my computer”.

I now refuse to accept this as an excuse but back then it was feasible. Except he was a computer geek so he shoulda had some way of scanning etc. Warning bells WHOOP WHOOP!

Anyway eventually he rocks up to my place and he was .. well, he was simply pig-ugly. There is no other way to describe him. He actually was unpleasant to look at. Not wishing to be rude, I invited him in but god it was awkward, cos I couldn’t bear to look at him lmao..

We spent the day together, went out and did stuff and I sent him packing with a peck on the cheek. He tried for more (and he was strong so it was a bit of a struggle .. warning sign #2!) but eventually I pried him off me and told him to go away.

Didn’t expect to see or hear from him again til a few days later he emails me and says “So I am thinking I’ll move in with you.” I shit you not.

So yeah, I sure can pull ’em! 😉

Funnily enough I think I could be elements of all “those” guys stuffed into a female body – and when I think about how much of a turn off it was for me .. It makes sense why the guys I hanker for run away after awhile cos I did exactly the same thing when presented with that situation.

Which begs the question:

DO humans really want to find a mate or do we in fact just want to chase?


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  1. Oh the stories we could share! LOL!!

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying a chase, as long as you’re honest about what you expect from the relationship up front. As far as looks go, they never mattered to me. My ex is smoking hot and I kicked his ass to the curb.

    It could be worse, you could have my problem. I’m one of those, “need my space people.” I’m fiercely independent and tend to feel suffocated if I’m with a guy too long. That’s when I need a break. Not forever, and definitely not to date anyone else, just long enough to catch my breath. But since they don’t make men who come and go, I guess I’m shit out of luck.

    • I wonder if that is what I need but don’t know it?

      Do you regret when they’ve moved on? I never do, when I end my relationships..
      By the time I get to the point of being able to break it off, I am so ready to not have them in my world any more ..

      I’m going to sound fabulously shallow here. Looks matter to me. I want looks, brains and ambition in my man. Am I doomed?

  3. But they do make them, Hellis! They’re the overlords of the road, or something like that – truckers, rock stars, traveling salesmen…congressmen

    Fred (as I’ve come to call you) (short for Frederique, of course), the thing about romantic relationships is that the highest number of successful ones you can have is one, depending on your definition of success, while the number of unsuccessful ones is only limited by the number of eligible humans in your dating pool.

    • I love that you took the time to qualify your response by adding the word, “human” after eligible.

      Truckers are good. I like truckers. Except for the ones who listen to country music, which eliminates 99% of them.

      I prefer comedians to rock stars. I like guys who can make me laugh. Unfortunately they’re a self-loathing bunch and I’m no good at sympathy. My favorite phrase to my kids is, “suck it up.” And have you noticed how ridiculously fertile rock stars are? Soooo not up for that.

      Do they even have traveling salesmen anymore? I thought they were just guys who sold brushes in old cartoons.

      As for congressmen…yeah, I’m into straight guys.

      • I can see that I am going to have to add reading you twos comments (your two .. you two and your comments? wtf that just isn’t right any which way I write it) anyway whatever .. NO more coffee for me whilst reading your comments .. a) My nostrils had the nasal equivalent of a high colonic this morning and b) I think there’s still some coffee under the keys of my laptop..

      • Not door-to-door salesmen, just salesmen who are gone a lot. Guys who can make you laugh? How often does that happen?

        Fred, I believe the phrase would be “Those there comments, numbering two, what will have been being enmadeified by the people which are being you and you, were I to point thusly.”

    • lmao @ the height being one .. too true ..

      Eligible boys abound if I am not being horridly cynical so perhaps the real lesson here is I need to be patient.

      Yeah that aint gonna happen..

  4. As the title rightly says, it’s the thrill of the chase, not what you catch at the end. Journey on lady…

  5. You want brains AND ambition? You crazy dreamer you.

  6. The chase is fun,
    But what about those,
    Who just don’t run?

    Don’t give them slack,
    But once they’re caught,
    Do you throw them back?

    And if the heart is frozen,
    You’ll never want to keep,
    The one you’ve chosen,

    The list goes on and on,
    And you’ll never know,
    If you lost or won.

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