The elixir of truth..

aka Booze.. Which I happen to be consuming at a rate that perhaps explains the backspacing required to stop this post being completely unreadable.  The barriers are down. You have been warned..

I want to cuddle in bed with you.. I want to shag (have sex / make love – whatever) til neither of us can breathe without panting.. pools of sweat are acceptable at this point. Sorry. I did warn ya’ll.

I want to have people look at us and go “damn aren’t they gorgeous” .. I so want to be in love. An all consuming love that will last the tests of time..

I want to find you fascinating .. forever. I want you to know my inner most thoughts but still find me interesting. I want to know your fears. And share mine with you .. yes. There are a few things other than being love, that scare me 😉

There is my tragic boozed post. There will be no others. I like to have more control than this. Normally ..


As you were ..


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    I like your ending! Booze wrote this, hey? Well, it was good!

  2. God I wish you were a man.

  3. Where the fuck is the unlike button? *grumble*

  4. I need to find whatever alcoholic drink gets me wrecked but still allows finger use… “Sorry, Baby, I drank too much and got whiskey fingers..”

    Jesus what is wrong with my head?

  5. My only question is: Who was this post about? I am agog.

  6. Hi Agog, I am Fred.. 😉

    It’s about the impossible dream (I can feel a song coming on…)

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