Drunken Blogging ..

It’s sort of up there with drunken texting, except mercifully a little more anonymous, isn’t it.

I’ve decided to petition WordPress or Bill or someone to put some sort of protective system in place (yeah yeah I know – it’s called my brain but I’d drowned the sucker in vodka so it wasn’t functional, k) that will prevent me from being able to fire up my laptop any time that I’ve had x qty of booze.

Perhaps an auto deletion of my password and username when the laptop is engulfed in grog fumes? Yeah, that’ll work .. except for those times I drink vodka. Like last night.

I re-read my post just now and winced at the sentimental lines I spouted but I suppose they’re scrambled up in this head o’ mine and even someone with reasonable self-control is gonna lose the plot now and then?


And so I say unto thee (to my loyal fan base *snort*) I am sorry for the lapse in sensible, rational (ish) postings. Please don’t unsubscribe, I’ll write something fun soon, about um .. something (anything!) .. soon .. I promise, k! 😉

For now me and my hangover have to go to the office .. it’s gonna be a loooong day 😉


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Don’t be sorry! I loooove your drunken blogging! Sometimes it’s good to say things without a filter.

    I’ll let you in on a secret. I have something called ADHD, which basically means I struggle to organize thoughts in my head. I take a medication for it but unfortunately it kills my appetite so I have to watch that my weight doesn’t drop too low. When it does I have to go off it.

    Whenever I re-read my comments I can tell which ones I wrote on my meds and which ones wrote off. So believe me, you’re in good company.

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