A violen (t) relationship

So, I was writing a post just now, on a theme dear to my heart – about not giving a shit about friends or family (or lovers, yeah you knew I’d go there) cos nothing scares me..  I’m so tough, when I peel onions – the onion cries.. etc

Well, truthfully it was about me saying that I kinda tend to go inside myself to sort my own shit out but that isn’t anywhere near as exciting for the punters so bear with me k..

Anyhoo, wanting an appropriate pic, I googled “Nothing scares me”..

Seriously, directing a choir is scarier than holding down a marriage? Fuck ..I’m so screwed.

And not in that good way.


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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. The one that applies to me is, “Nothing scares me, I’m a Scorpio.” At first I wasn’t sure what that meant so I went to this site and looked up stuff about the Scorpio Zodiac sign, and it was if someone followed me around with a pad taking notes. Seriously creepy similarity.

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