Stupid cupid (Love bites?)

I was at the gym today and a song came on .. Cupid’s choke-hold.. And it got me to thinking. I know, dangerous territory! But it did help to take my mind off the fact my trainer had ramped up my freaking treadmill so everything was burning (I think I even had blood pooling in my eyes, and no I am not prone to exaggeration .. much .. ) 😉

However, we were talking about cherubs with weapons, not my evil & vindictive personal trainer so I will get back to the topic you didn’t know you were waiting to read about.

Having had a few chats this week to a friend who’s going thru’ a painful break up (she thought it was love .. nuff said) 😦 I went back to times when I’d been “phased out” .. by a guy I thought I was wildly in love with..

I’ve already had a rant on this theme – about how so many men just “phase you out” as opposed to (oh the irony) manning up and ending things face to face. Stopping contact is a bit like suicide. It leaves the one left behind thinking “what the hell happened?” and worse: “What is wrong with me, that this happened .. ?”

It’s a mind fuck of monumental proportions and I suspect we’ve all had it done to us so you are probably nodding and thinking back to a time when you were in the same space as my girlfriend is right now.

Anyway this has nothing to do with cupid either.. I hate when this happens! You get some random topic in your head and think “I’ll blog it” and then you just go off some place else .. if I was one of my fave bloggers I’d embrace this lack of logic and belt out an hilariously funny post, in my case this is just gonna make me look disorganised, I know.

So back to the topic, by golly I am gonna do this!

CUPID. Rhymes with stupid. Not an original comment by a long shot but omg one I like.  Cos it is stupid. There, I said it. And ya know what else?

LOVE is stupid.

I can expect the sun to rise each day. I can expect night to fall. I can expect to run out of wine when I open a bottle. I can expect to have to pay tax. Love, however is a total and utter crap shoot over which one has NO control..

Which begs the question: Why the hell do we keep on trying to find it?

It’s like a cross between the end of the rainbow and a unicorn. Magical, fabulous, wonderful – apparently. No one actually knows, cos no one else has ever found it either!

Hmm maybe I should call this blog entry: “Cynical bitch has a rant about love”?


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  1. thevisibleghost

    A GREAT POST! I enjoyed the “I can expect the sun to rise each day. I can expect night to fall. I can expect to run out of wine when I open a bottle. I can expect to have to pay tax. Love, however is a total and utter crap shoot over which one has NO control..”

  2. I like “Love is Stupid.”

    The fact that you ponder it at all means on some level you still have hope, unlike me who just sort of gave up. I’d much rather be like you who asks, “how will I find love?” instead of someone like me who says, “why bother?” If I ever cure myself I’ll let you know.

    And yeah, Hotspur’s the shit.

    • I am so incredibly torn between wanting to be envious that you’ve given up and are at peace with that and sounding like a wanker for saying “I just cannot give up on anything”. Of course I can, that’s a lie .. I’ve given up giving up chocolate for example.

      But one of my failings is an inability to know when to cut my losses. I’d make a lousy trader! And gambling .. omg I love it but geez if I didn’t leave my eft cards at home I’d go broke any time I was near a casino lol

      So I keep on hoping, keep on trying to keep things going when they’re just so not happening. I refuse to admit it aint perfect and then one day it slams into me and I get it but til then, no way jose .. I aint giving up!

      Dumb I know.

      Please do let me know if you find a cure 😉

  3. You ladies are making my head swell. Thanks. But I take exception with the idea that my posts go off on tangents and that I lack logic. After all, popcorn can sometimes make an excellent Christmas tree decoration, plus you can eat it! And that’s just like life in some way that I’ll explain to you when you’re older.

  4. I can’t help it. I still believe in love. The difficulty is recognizing when your love is on a one-way street.

  5. Or perhaps in being honest when it’s on said street. I think most times we see it’s there .. we just refuse to admit it..

  6. Your post is somewhat heart felt.opposite sides of the sexes yet I empathize a well as sympathize in your thoughts shared. I will say however love is inside of you! Your heart opened to it will better receive it! Thank you for the post it is very entertaining and very expressive! An act itself of love of ones self.. Self expression is beautiful as are your words!

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