I’m bitter, cynical & jaded ..

And I’m never gonna land me a man with MY attitude.. So says one of the emails in my inbox this morning. Way to start MY day on a positive note *grin*

I suppose my last blog entry about love being horse shit may have given the wrong impression and so to you who sent me that email I say this:

Fuck off. Oops I mean, thank you for your feedback .. If it’s all the same to you though: I will not take a pill.

Maybe read some of my other posts before you leap to the “she’s a complete fuck up” conclusion.

Once you’ve read them, then you’ll see I am only partly messed up 😉


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  1. Don’t listen to them. You’re amazing.

  2. /agree with Hellis. And the next time someone says that, you tell them “hey, jerkface, “land a man”? He’s supposed to sweep ME off MY feet.”

  3. Rarely is anyone messed up.. they are merely in a place where they choose to be. For those who want to judge consider the source.. for those that want to share… let them and for those that have done you wrong.. GET EM!

  4. Get’s em!! Or not. As the case is lol .. Men confuse the shit out of me. I clearly have THAT male gene .. not understanding the opp sex 😉

    True about being where they choose to be, tho … good call.

    I choose to be alone but kinda wouldn’t object to the alternative either…

    Recipe for confusion?

  5. Maybe we have ridiculously high standards. I know mine are way up there when it comes to men.

  6. If not wishing to be taken advantage of. Not accepting a lack of equal participation (for all we may bring different things to the equation there still needs to be balance at the end of the sum) and not accepting mediocrity is high then I agree with you ..

    I like my own company sufficiently to be alone, I just rather fancy the notion of enduring and good ol’ fashioned “love”. Sans the white picket fence and puppy + kids .. ! 😉

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