Instinct or thinking, which works best?

Newsflash folks! I finally know where I’ve gone wrong all this time.. It came to me, in a flash of brilliance last evening under the influence of some particularly delicious Shiraz. The problem is: I’m trying to be human. Clearly, I need to learn to be .. something else..

What the heck is she on about? I hear you ask. Well I can’t actually hear you, cos I AM human but maybe if I was a cat I’d hear you .. cos cats have good hearing?

And while I’m on that theme: if I was a cat, what a life I’d lead!

I’d wake up as late as possible. I’d eat .. I’d wash myself.. I’d sleep. I’d kill something .. in a fairly cruel sort of way and at the least, I’d toy with it before it died.. I’d occasionally seek some attention from someone else in my world, but if I didn’t get any or couldn’t find anyone I’d be all like “meh who cares” and just go find somewhere sunny to sleep.

That said, I do foresee a few problems!

1. I don’t sleep so well.

2. I do like to seek out company even when it’s not around.

3. There’s that whole silly law about murder an’ jail and stuff.

4. I’m not overly excited by the idea of eating mice. Or any raw meat, for that matter.

Anyhoo, back to the concept behind this post – humans don’t seem to know how to just “BE” humans any more. It seems we’re always trying to be something else. Watch a cat, it just “be’s” a cat. It doesn’t try to be a dog (except if it’s a seal point or something equally exotic but they’re just mental cases anyway) it knows what to do and just does it.

Ditto for an elephant. Never seen an elephant try to be a pigeon, have you? They act on instinct and just do what they’re meant to do.

Oh .. instinct. Right .. therein lies the alleged benefit of being human. We have brains to assist us in fucking up .. when we could just cruise along instinctively?? Another brilliant plan foiled! Fooey ..


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  1. yea, damn brains…why can’t we just turn them off? oooo wait…that’s called shiraz…. but rght before shiraz turns the brain off something gets all crazy and has the potential to cause the drama… i just want to lay in the sun with wine and be….ahhhh

  2. I like your instinct idea. Yes, life would be a whole lot easier if the idea of dissatisfaction didn’t exist. Maybe that’s why cats are so content.

    • knowing my luck I’d be *that* cat who got a scum bag owner that didn’t feed or pat me when I wanted it 😉

    • This does make me think of those people who I kinda go “EEK” at, when I see how crummy their existence (plural, usually) is .. yet they just kinda accept it as “this is my lot in life”. They’re perhaps better off than someone like you or me that goes “no, I want more .. or I’ll have nothing” .. ?

      • I don’t settle for less than what I want in every other aspect of my life, why would I start with love? It smacks of cowardice, I think. I realize that nothing is perfect, but to settle isn’t fair to anyone, even the other person.


    Brilliant post! Sounds like you may have met OUR cat! Such fun!

  4. There’s a reason “Ignorance is bliss” is a cliche.

  5. Hilarious drawing and list! Loved it.

  6. I am a dog person but I really loved this post.

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