Pleased to meat you

Well, my night on the ran tan was a roaring success. Not only did our team win.. I had a fabulous night out with a group of good friends to boot! I think that one of the best things to come about from cell phones / texting is how people can keep tabs on where everyone is and ‘free range’ between bars to hang out with assorted groups of friends all in the one evening.

But this isn’t about texting, it’s about my night in the meat market!

With just the right amount of liquid relaxation in the equation, I didn’t feel the urge to slap any man who pinched my ass. (The amount was just right: I didn’t feel the urge to take any of them home either!) I was able to boogie on down merrily on the dance floor amid the young bloods.. without worrying that I looked like Mr Bean with boobs.

Of course I may have looked exactly like that, but I didn’t care a jot 😉

I was in every photograph. Got wrapped up (whether I knew them or not!) in everyone’s flags. Spent far too much time hogging the bar having shots bought for me. And oh, that poor man’s shoulders (I wish I knew who he was so I could offer to buy him some physiotherapy) .. So yeah, I pretty much spent the evening forgetting to act my age.

At one point a friend of mine says: “Well done you..” and I swear he leered just a little. At this point, I looked around me and realised I was surrounded by kids. At best, they were in their late 20’s ..

Instant age-crisis. I had to go prop up the bar for awhile and try to ponder the meaning of it all.. In my ever-so-slightly inebriated state, this of course, proved to be far too much of a challenge, and so I waded my way back into the madding crowd and carried on!

It was a fantastic night out, although my head would tell you otherwise today. For all I was more there to celebrate and have fun than anything else, I did spend a little time observing the crowds .. watching the dynamic, especially after the game as everyone spilled into the streets for a giant party!

It would not have been difficult to have woken up with someone in my bed this morning. However my morning “gnaw on my arm” days are gone and instead I have 6 business cards from rather nice (as I recall, anyway hah) men who weren’t complete creeps (again: as far as I can recall! We shall see .. )

So, a question on protocol:

Am I meant to text them or do I wait for them to text me?


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  1. That is a hard question but … I would leave it two days and if they do not text you, text them 🙂

  2. WHY can’t I text straight away? I know, I know .. I’m not meant to sound keen. But wtf is that about? WHY else would I have taken their cards? Oh yeah .. I was hammered .. right .. grins ..

  3. I believe proper etiquette dictates you write each of them a letter and put them all in the post forthwith. That’s why proper etiquette never gets a date.

  4. Did you face time them, too? That’s the next step…only sober this time…maybe. I don’t know the proper steps, here..hmmm…I think you did grand!!! Yay you!! How’s that? Supportive, enough?

  5. I have no idea! Tell me what you do, and if it works. Believe it or not, I’ve never been the one to make the call or ask a man out in my life. It’s time I learn, I guess.

  6. ah ha been there. I say I will never do it again and then BAM party time all over again. I feel for your head this morning

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