Asking a man on a date

I’ve done this a time or two .. but must admit it isn’t something I enjoyed doing or rather – it was something I found a little nerve-racking to do and that was even though – thanks to modern technology – I didn’t have to “man up” and do it face to face .. I simply flicked an email or text to the man of the moment.

But I’m thinking that if I was a man and I was asked out on a date by a woman (ideally, one who didn’t make me wish to gouge my own eyes out and stand on them) I think I’d be pretty darn chuffed about it.

Has anyone else out there done it? How did it pan out?

Men, have you ever been asked on a date by a woman? How did it make you feel?


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  1. With my boyfriend, he was bit shy, we talked for ages and I got really impatient, so one day I was just like “For god shake will you just go out with me!?!” and he looked at me really shocked and then said “Yes,” ahaha!!

  2. I am not shy when it comes to asking people I find interesting out. Sometimes they say yes, sometimes our schedules aren’t compatible and we end up having a series of chats until it fizzles. I will say that some guys don’t like to be asked out, they find that it is the guys job.
    Ugh – whatever…they are just as scared as we are…some may have liked you for a decade or so but are so afraid of rejection that they still don’t “man up.” All you are doing is putting yourself out there and saying “Hey I like you want to have a drink?” Worst thing that could happen is they say no. But then again, maybe they will say yes. 🙂 Happy dating!!

    • I think you’re right, in saying some men won’t like it but then they’re perhaps not the kinda guy I’d cope with (or who would cope with ME!) anyway so tis good to know sooner than later..

      This is a bit like sales training really isn’t it ..

      As a friend of mine who is in sales (and is exceptional at it) says to me: “It takes less than 1 minute to ask them and if they say yes then it was worth that 1 minute. If they say no, move on – no big deal.”

      Thanks for your comment & the follow 🙂

  3. My experience: Everything goes smoother if the word “date” is never uttered.

    • When I think about it, I don’t say date (I think that words slips out of your vernacular when you’re about 19?) but even so .. are men so squeamish that they don’t think “Hey wanna see a movie with me?” is the same as saying “hey wanna go on a date with me?”

      • I wouldn’t say that most men are squeamish (easily made to feel sick, faint, or disgusted; or, having strong moral views; scrupulous). I’d say that most men are a little shy, conflict averse, and fear rejection. Sort of casually ending up in a movie with someone feels a little safer than actually using the D word to get there. Just sayin.

      • Think I will add “not afraid of the D-word” to my list of things I’d like in a man. Cos for all I can see where you’re coming from, it does make me go “wtfever” at guys who think that way!

  4. I haven’t got a clue, so I’m just taking notes today.

  5. My girlfriend still asks me out through texts. and we live together,

  6. Go for it! Many times men are just toddlers in big boy underpants. Don’t ask a yes or no question. If you ask a toddler to put on their shoes, they will say “no!” If you ask a toddler if they want to wear the red shoes or the blue shoes, they will choose one option, usually. I find if you ask a man “Would you like to go to XYZ movie with me or would you rather meet for pizza?” they will choose one as long as you present options that interest them.

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