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You never knew you needed to know .. All about me! I saw this done on someone’s blog today and thought – how funny, cos it was funny to read random things about someone who – altho I read their stuff reasonably regularly, I don’t know diddly about them!

So here’s my list of factoids you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. I haven’t followed any specific list or questions, this is truly random as I think them up..

1. I have a fetish for title caps. I cannot stand the modern day thing of everything in lower case. It annoys me. There I did it .. no .. I can’t.. I had to go back and re-do that sentence.

2. My favourite cullah* is red. (*That stops  my spell checker having a conniption, it simply says “fuck this, I dun’ even KNOW that word, yer on yer own girlie” – instead of suggesting I add in or omit the U)

3. I hate the comic sans font .. And pretty much everyone who uses it too. Sorry if that’s you. It’s just one of those things.

4. My favourite cartoon character is Calvin (I’m a little embarassed to say I had to stop and ponder this one for several minutes and there is every chance I will come back and change it a time or two before I hit send on this post) 

5. I can honestly say I never crave chocolate. I can say I crave wine, margaritas, donuts, steak burgers – but never chocolate. And yes I do like it. Just don’t crave it..

6. If I was a man for 1 day, the first thing I’d want to do is .. oh wait .. this is a G-rated blog. Fine. Cancel that one..

7. If I had to choose between losing my sight or losing my hearing, I’d choose to lose my hearing.

8. I once did a fad diet that meant I could eat any amount of bread (just bread, mind you – nothing on it, nothing with it) every second day. I now loathe bread with a passion and didn’t lose anything except my appetite.

9. I love to win and am ferociously competitive, enjoying playing games ranging from euchre, poker, backgammon, bridge, chess and many more. As an aside: I would rather eat bread, than do a sudoku puzzle. And oddly, I am not a bad loser. (For all I hate to do it!)

10. I cannot think of a 10th random fact about me. Someone ask me something and I’ll answer it – there, let’s make this interactive! Yep, I read the “how to write a good blog” post when I signed up to this bizzo!

What’s 10 things about you, I didn’t know I wanted to know?


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  1. 3) Open yourself to the Comic Sans love!
    4) Calvin’s right up there. Poor Hobbes never gets the love though.
    10) If you’re wearing socks and shoes (or boots or whatever) do you put both socks on first then the shoes or one sock, one shoe, one sock, one shoe?

    • Hobbes is cute too. Betterer? 😉
      Comic sans sucks. I always think newbies to technology use it. I know, I’m awful.

      10) I put on both my socks. Then I put on both my boots. And I put the left one on first.

  2. Do you own any sheep?! (I had many other questions, none were G-rated – I presume because I do not know what G-rated is 😦 Damn Englishness)

  3. I own two Fender Stratocasters and one Gibson Les Paul. Can’t play any of them. What do you own that you have no use for, but for some reason had to have?

    • Um I don’t even know what those things are .. Guitars I am guessing? (Freddy Fender? Honest to god I have no idea lol) Hmm what do I own that I have no use for .. this is hard cos I’m a non-junkie. Am gonna walk around my apartment now and see if I can find something .. watch this space ..

    • I got nussink.. everything I have, I had cos I use it / need it.. hmm this is annoying me .. I must have something. Gonna go have a 2nd look. Slow news day here 😉

      HAH found it. I have a miniature black rubber ducky sits on the edge of my spa bath!

  4. To answer Hellis’ question: my husband (no, I kid, I kid…) I liked your list, but I don’t have a question for you…I enjoy reading yours posts and adventures in dating. I’m always cheering you on!

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