Rituals, Romance & Rants

Now I am probably breaking at least 165 rules by reposting a blog just so I can slag it off but we’ll see how it goes, cos I SO need (read: want!) to do this! I chose to follow this blog some time ago and tend to enjoy most of the posts but this one recently really got up my nose!

It’s a post about “Rituals in relationships” and for all that the concept sounds well and good .. and I could see where they were coming from.. it made me wonder! (As do lots of things) 😉

Skimming quickly thru’ the entry, I found it was a bunch of nice ideas for ‘stuff’ couples could do to keep the romance alive in the relationships but the list of things was dominated by women suggesting bubble baths with their man. Lil notes in his lunchbox.. Picnics in front of the fire.

Whatever .. I’m making these up but here’s a weekly ritual example from the actual post:

“Every Friday night, my partner and I stay out and cuddle and look at the stars together while I kiss his neck.” How much do you wanna bet he probly wishes she’d leave his damn neck alone cos he’s trying to watch the stars!? Or he’s wishing he was inside watching the football.

Yeah I know, that’s horribly cynical but I wonder:

Do men just tolerate this shit because they’re trying to be nice to their womenfolk (and cos they’re afraid of being accused of being a wanker) or do they really want to engage in rituals or do anything to keep the romance alive?

Instead, are they just happy enough as things are and wish we’d leave well alone?

Disclaimer: pic contained herein for no particular reason other than I liked it 😉


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  1. Uh, they do it to get sex. A happy romanced woman is more likely to have sex than one that isn’t.

    But if you don’t know that…. um…. you may not be getting very much. (I’m just saying it’s possible… stop yelling!)

    The other reason men MIGHT do it is because when their woman is happy with THEM, they feel happy. Like, if a woman says, “oh honey I had such a great time tonight watching the stars outside…it was soooo wonderful” the man MIGHT think, “yeah, that’s right, I’m da man, I know how to make my woman happy.”

    I’m just sayin’

  2. I think it’s both. I think there are some men who want no part of it, but assume that’s just what the guy’s supposed to do. Then there are others who actually enjoy that time together. Neither one is wrong, you just need to pick the one that suits you. I haven’t got a clue which one suits me.

  3. That’s why you gotta pick an unpredictable guy. Or at least one who has a palette of tolerable unpredictable behaviors. Or, you could not listen to me at all. What do I know about picking guys? (Don’t ask me that.)

    • See now I HAVE to ask .. how does it work for you, picking men up?? *chortle* unpredictive text is bad enough let alone an unpredictable man! Ugh perish the thought..

      • I used to go to a gay bar. For two years. On the straight night, but still…There were plenty of gay guys that came out. And once, I let a gay guy buy me a drink, and I sat there and chatted with him for a while. Eventually, I started complaining about my girlfriend, and he realized I was straight, respected the fact that I had treated him like a person, and then went to go hook up with a large guy in a blue prom dress holding a corsage.
        Anyway, I meant unpredictable like an MP3 player. You don’t know what song is going to come on next, but you know you’re going to like it. See?

      • Oh .. so it’s set on “random” I get it .. sounds like a good plan. Just gotta find the package deal first .. then shuffle him 😉

        So, do you feel sad that he ran away with the blue prom dress guy? Do you need to talk about it? HE Ellis has single malt whisky. I have tissues .. ?
        (God we’re good to you I hope you realise?)

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