Consensual text

You may recall I was unsure of the protocol of contacting some men who’d given me their business cards while I was out boozing last weekend. So I did what any modern gal should.. I checked them out online. God bless Google!

As all of them are old like me, they had been around long enough to have an online presence and so it was quite simple to stalk learn a little about each of them before deciding if I was going to text, fax or email them. I’m all about safe text!

In the end, I texted 2. And both texted back.. Yes, you heard it here first – I am officially a slapper: busy having text with 2 different guys at the same time! Tsk..

Interestingly, one that I chose not to text, texted me. I’m not sure why exactly, but I just didn’t “feel” like texting him and if there is one thing I have learned in my years on this planet it’s to go with my gut instinct so he got a “thanks but no thanks” sort of reply, back to his text..

So there you have it.

Will anything further come from this, who knows. For now I’m enjoying the conversations albeit via 160 chars at a time. But this whole thing has taught me one important thing – as a friend said to me when I asked her what she’d do if given a bunch of business cards from men.

After the mandatory “duhhhh” that only a best friend can deliver so candidly, she went on to say “they gave you their cards, they want you to contact them.” (Seems so simple when you see it in print huh)

So, the lesson? It doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there. Worst case scenario: They don’t reply.. No harm, no foul.

Tune in for an update as and when it (anything, that is!) happens 🙂


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    • Don’t sugar coat it, I know .. I’m a hussy *snort*

      • You are a sweetheart, and any guy would be lucky to still be alive after having you. I’m kidding! For perspective, listen to the song Vulcan by Snake River Conspiracy. It has the line (sung by a female) “You can talk me into fucking you, but I don’t think you’ll survive to fuck me!” I love that song.

      • Holy Hannah!@ the lyrics! LMAO!!

        I do think I tend to wear my men out, is that why I’ve traditionally gone for younger boys?
        I need a grown up now?
        Crap, if I get an older man it reminds me I am meant to be growing up too! And I don’t wunna!! *stomps feet*

  1. I’ve got my notebook ready.

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