How to ask a man on a date

Ladies, I have received some sage counsel from a variety of people on this topic recently and feel it’s time I shared the secret with you. I’m surprised at how simple it is too ..

You just ask!

Now there is a trick to getting this right.. Ok there are a couple of tricks.

1. You must be prepared (mentally at least) for rejection or disinterest. If this happens, smile (or send a smiley) and go “OK cool..” (asswipe is whispered in your head, never uttered out loud k) And apparently sometimes this “cool” reaction can bring about a date request from them. All you did was signal a lack of rejection risk to them but they want to take control..

2. You need JUST the right amount of casual.

Which is where the (and this is so cunning I love her for suggesting this!) multiple choice of activity comes into it. BUT you need to be S M A R  T about it .. set a deadline / put a time constraint on it.

So, to recap ..

When you want to ask a man out:

“Hey, would you like to go ten pin bowling / the movies / have a wine one day this week?” – Good.

“So, what do you reckon we go do something some time?” – Not so good. 

At the end of the day, the guy will either go “yay I don’t have to ask her – this rocks” and go on said date with you. Or he’ll go “wtf? And not go .. ”

Either isn’t too bad cos why waste time wondering and hoping about the guy who’s gonna say no?


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  1. A good wing women never hurts either.

  2. Yeah, it’s not so easy, is it, ladies?

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