I can’t imagine him ..

the man of my dreams .. Could that be cos I spend more time awake than asleep? 😉

Seriously though – today I was walking along and watching people as I like to do. I saw older couples together, looking bored.. I saw older couples together looking happy enough.. I saw young couples.

Then I started to look at men objectively. Not in a bad way, just in an analytical .. non emotional sort of way. And it slammed into me like a sledgehammer.

I cannot imagine myself with a man (or a woman, this isn’t my coming out post k!) 😉
Was a most odd feeling indeed.

Oh well. Friday night .. time to go drink and chill out with friends (and terrorise the local male populace!) And may we all say TGIF. It’s been a horrible, long and horrible (yes, it warrants 2) week.

The only thing going right for me at the moment is my love life sort of. I have 2 men chasing me after the texting  thing. And a guy from work and 2 guys I met on the . . *shuffles feet* uh .. on .. well *whispers*

…. An online dating website…


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  1. This morning I had a very bizarre moment of clarity when it comes to men. I was watching, I know, Sports desk with Hubby with coffee in bed this morning…and I was looking at the male sportscasters. Not as guys who dig sports, but just guys. Some were trying to grow mustaches, some were funny and goofy and one guy was trying waaaay too hard to be serious. That’s when it hit me…I love men. I love these guys and guys in general. The particular ones on this show (not the serious one) were all presenting themselves as just the guy down the street…the guy you want to have a beer with…the guy you just want to hang out with…I love these guys. Take a step back and see if you can see a guy you want to do all that with..just BE with. Then call him. Good luck…

    • What do I call him?

      Men are wonderful creatures, I agree. I have more male friends than female friends and my female friends all think they used to be men in former lives (which is why they’re tolerable?) so I am with you on the loving men thing!

  2. Just find fun where ever you can. TGIF

  3. You can’t imagine yourself with A man. Try imagining yourself with two, or one after the other.

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