What’s the best way to meet other singles?

As a single woman I’m often the recipient of the somewhat dire warnings from “coupled pals” that one isn’t likely to find one’s mate in the local night club or a bar. Needless to say this removes a vast quantity of the population’s males from being of any use to me!

Then you get the old: “don’t screw the crew” so that means I shouldn’t show anything more than a collegial courtesy to the hotties that inhabit my working life. Therein removing another significant percentage of the males I know, from the relationship equation.

If I shag a pal, I need to be prepared to lose him cos somewhere down the line we’ll wake up and think “crap, he’s actually a bit of a tosser” and he’ll wake up thinking “god she’s a pain in the ass”, so arms will be chewed off and worse: friendships lost. I have lots of eligible male friends, so this is a big group of men also out of the picture.

Which means I need a new hunting ground.. And so it is that I wish to announce the following newsflash:

I’m gonna join the local stamp club!

Quit snickering for a moment and think about it..

Nerds.. With money.. And no lives.

They will be grateful.
They will be well mannered.
They’ll be constant.
And did I mention they’d probably have money?

Oh sure they will have glue on their tongues and pocket protectors.. beer bottle bottom spectacles .. and bad haircuts .. and probly live in their Mother’s basement .. Fine $#@!* no stamp club.

I know! I’ll join a (mentally crossing off silly things like walking clubs, athletics clubs, bike clubs .. anything with an exercise element .. sweat is never ever sexy)  uh .. Um ..

Ahh hell too hard ..

But I want to know:  Where did you meet your other half?


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  1. Brilliant. This is opening a new world of finding a date possibilities to me!

  2. Um, sorry I guess I went against your friends’ advice and dated a coworker…we married a few years later and still are 20 years and 3 kids later…Not sure where that stands on your date-o’meter….I think you meet someone when and where-ever…*sigh, passes over a glass of red wine* cheers…

    • LMAO cheers .. I think we’d all agree, the best advice for one is not always the best for another .. 😉

      As to where to meet people, heck I talk to total strangers in queues in the supermarket.. homeless people in the street .. people in elevators .. so odds are I’ll meet my next mate in any number of places but I do find the “dire warnings” people issue kinda .. silly 😉

  3. I met mine while teaching a dance class at our local college continuing education classes. For 20+ years he was a wonderful man.

  4. Depends. Coworkers are okay in restaurant and retail industry jobs. For example, from this one restaurant there are currently 7 couples still together that I know of – including me and my wife. But now I would never date a coworker, because… awwwwwwwkwaaaaarrrrrrrrddddd.

  5. I have no idea. I’m stuck in a house with teenage boys all day, and it’s no where near as awesome as it sounds.

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