Disillusioned – And then some

My problem is someone once told me I don’t look good with hoop earrings, a patch and a parrot on my shoulder. Should I listen to them?

I do feel very disillusioned with life right now. I’ve been single mentally a long time, physically a little less .. and that I can mostly cope with.

More annoyingly, I’m dealing with a particularly complex work situation that has the potential to completely mess up my reputation unless I get lucky .. thanks to a complete moron who’s somehow ended up at the helm where I’m currently working.

Tis fair to say that I’ve got so much right in my life as a rule .. And now really isn’t too bad .. but tis also fair to say that my career / work is a huge part of who I am, so when it goes tits up it does have an impact.

Having a career damaged is a tad more important than a relationship – am I awful to say this? Men come and go (so to speak!) careers .. well, we kinda tend to need to hang on to what we’ve got, yanno?

And generally, I can control my career. Certainly more than I seem to be able to control or manage my relationships lol

How do you cope when things go tits up career wise?

And how do I cope?

Hmm.. I guess I drink and blog more. Can you tell? Yeah – to those of you who were silly enough to sign up for my ‘irregular posts’, I apologise unreservedly. I lied, it turns out.

Who knew this blogging thing could be so cathartic. Cheaper than a damn shrink too.


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  1. I’m with you on blogging being cathartic. Sometimes I feel so isolated my blog is my best friend. I’m communicating with “SOMEbody” even if no one reads the posts. I tell myself at least my thoughts are out there. Came home tonight to no emails, no phone messages but two happy dogs. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably sew up a sock monkey and name it something stupid like “peanut.”

  2. It is hard to have professional speed bumps in the road. We as humans place a lot of one’s self in what we do. But I am here to tell you that You are more than your work. Your work has helped to shape you but it doesn’t define you. Try to roll with the flow. But more importantly be true to yourself. Life will take you where you need to be.
    Now I need to put my little crystal ball back in the garage. 🙂

  3. I can definitely sense your frustration. I had a hell of a time over the past year thanks to one heinous bitch at work. Two main things helped me… First, talking it out with my friends. Without fail they were able to give me a perspective on the situation that made me feel better.. And Second, the realization that it wouldn’t be that way forever. Things move and change all the time, and before you know it I’m on the opposite shift from The Heinous Bitch and things are goooood! It’ll happen for you too. Sure would ease the sting if you could get some TLC in your private life in the mean time though.. Don’t you think? Best of luck to you, sista. Sending good vibes and prayers your way!

    • Thank you so much .. Sadly for me everything is upside down and horrible (home and work) so it’s a bad combination but this too shall Pass .. I know .. for all I could do without the lesson 😉

      Appreciate the comment and kind thoughts, you rock!

  4. Oh Jesus, I just got out of a three-year relationship with a supervisor from hell, and switched offices. Ms. Harper got it right – it didn’t last forever, but it sure felt like it when I was there. Things will get better. Hang in there!

    • mmm as a consultant I can come and go usually .. but as I said above (or below?) generally I’m seen as an asset cos if nothing else i charge lots lol.. this time it’s very odd .. and maybe that’s the problem, I’m just not used to being not appreciated 😉 I’m hanging tho!! (myself hahah)

  5. Yeah, it’s difficult when work is out of sync. We have a ultimate supreme witchy-poo who makes life miserable for all who come into contact with her. We (she and I) competitioned for the same job and I won out. Now, she’s making hell for the poor plebians left around her. I got relocated. I’m hoping the powers-that-be see her evil ways and fire her ass for the good of humanity…and the atmosphere of those subjected to her on a daily basis. I think the universe will feel this vibe and grant our wish…I’m sure it hears yours too. Have faith.

    • Thanks .. As someone who is called in as a specialist, I am used to being the odd one out but I am NOT used to being the enemy .. therein lies the problem currently. Am sure it’ll get sorted but it aint fun for all that I am not ness a people pleaser!

  6. Okay, so I’m an idealist. But for me, a job is a job and can be replaced. If I found the right woman, and I’ve looked a lifetime, she’d be worth far more than any job/career. Employment can bend and flex but finding Miss Right? Lucky to find her; loose her then find a second? Not likely.

  7. Well like I said, I’m an idealist and I believe in love. For me it’s top priority certainly above a job. By the way, I wasn’t just talking about “any” partner but rather one who so closely matches your criteria that they qualify as the “right” one.

    Disagreeing is okay. It just means we follow different priorities in our lives… and priorities are intensely personal.

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