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In the last week, I’ve experienced a few challenges, both in the work place and my personal life. The details of which (for some reason, since this a blog – ie basically an online diary) I will spare you. Suffice to say it’s been .. hard going.

Work has presented a few challenges, none of which are resolved but I get paid truckloads of money so I have to just suck it up and deal with it. I get that.

My personal life is totally messed up. I’m dealing with that also.

But more annoyingly (or perplexingly?) – I’ve taken to receiving shitty emails from people about the content of my blog.

And this I do not get.

After all, I do not force you to read the rubbish I spout at reasonably regular intervals. Sure, so I lied when I originally set this up and said “I don’t post that often”, I’ve since amended it so you sign up at your peril now – knowing I could well post a dozen things in one week. And for the most part – ya’ll cope fine with that.

But to receive emails (or comments) from people saying:

“u fukin bitch u think ur all dat an so hawt all u need a gud fuckin” (Can’t really disagree, for all the grammer made my eyes water) From one of my male ‘fans’.

Or another:

“You do realise you will be forever single because you want too much? You call it settling, the rest of us call it reality. I wonder if you might like to just deal with it or risk that you die alone.”

Beautiful grammar but yeah, still not digging the message, thank you all the same – your feedback is welcome (ish) – from one of my female “followers”.

What the hell? Is it pick on “ME” week, did I miss the friggen memo?

So, how has your week gone? Mine is gone, for that I am grateful. It’s now the weekend and I am about to sink into it with extreme enjoyment..


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  1. Having experienced my fair share of ups and downs in life, I know that it can be a grind. I’m sorry that you find yourself dealing with the stresses that seem to creep up.

    One thing that I feel compelled to say is this: never give up your hopes and desires for exactly what you want from life and a relationship. If someone thinks that your standards are too high, who cares, it’s not their life!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been accosted by foul people… just what you don’t need when you’re already feeling stressed. Some people are so full of anger and resentment that’s all they have to give to the world. Others of us are nurturing and kind (until society collapses at which point I’ll uncork my “other” side to protect my tribe).

    As for being unrealistic, I disagree. Hold out for what you truly want and deserve. Because if you have to try to make yourself fall in love, if you’re anything like me, it’ll fail. I could be accused of being too picky as well – and I’m single. But when I met my second wife, my friend told me my single-minded focus in holding out for exactly what I wanted was inspiring. The bottom line is when you are with the right person you accept their weaknesses but don’t feel like you’re settling. When I met her I KNEW nothing better was coming down the pike.

    The photo you chose of the crouching woman seemed the perfect embodiment of what you are expressing. I’m sending along a warm, non-sexual heroes ‘n pirates hug.

  3. Aww I feel really bad for you because I really like you blog, you can ignore the first comment because clearly that man had nothing better to do and has not qualifications to back up his claim because he can not write I presume he can not read!!!! End of rant on that one.

    I (as of yet) have not got any hate mail about my blog so I do not understand it 😦 but keep working through life and I hope your day is going better today (Time zone win!! its morning here πŸ˜‰ ) Do not worry about the haters, if they do not like it, they do not have to read it … Twats!!

  4. As long as you publish your thoughts, there will be hate mail. Some people have nothing better to do than criticize others, and as long as they are not you, and they don’t actually know you, and you don’t know them, I don’t think you should give a damn! I don’t think you’re unrealistic by wanting too much. I think they’re unrealistic for settling for less. πŸ™‚
    Hope your day will be good!

    • My day was lovely thank you .. you are right, it’s a public forum here .. I dunno tho I always figured if I hated something someone posted gee I’d just ignore it .. so it was curious (so to speak!) to get 4 nasty emails in one week sheesh!

  5. Meh @ the haters. When someone tears another person down is often a silly attempt to build themself up. And when they don’t know you, it becomes a double Meh.

    • Double meh it is, in this case. Gosh I read them (there was 4 in one week – maybe spam? But I don’t think so) all bagging me .. was .. surreal .. but it did make me go “hmmm am I actually a bit mucked up”. Then I nodded and went “yes” and it was all ok lol

  6. My first thought was “Please God don’t let these assholes find MY blog!” The moron who can’t spell craxked me up & later I thought… Hey if you want to settle, or pardon me, marry “reality” ha! More power to ya! I’ve wasted too much time with assholes already.. I’ll take the risk!

  7. Jesus fuck! I can’t believe people. I’ve never received a ‘hate e-mail’ from anyone, and my blog is just asking for it. I can’t believe that someone like you would possibly inspire hatred, or grammar naziism. Particularly in that punctuation-free hypocritical rainbow format. Why is that guy such a lazy sperm-burping gutter slut that he couldn’t have typed a few more characters of punctuation? And why is his vagina so itchy that he couldn’t have posted that in the comments so we could eviscerate his post like cats playing with a mouse? Seriously, fuck that guy. Fuck him with a stolen dick.

  8. Okay, that being said, you are just on the cusp of finding the guy, or guys, of your dreams. So don’t give up, except you should know that it isn’t any less confusing or upsetting when you’re not single.

  9. “lazy sperm-burping gutter slut”..Jeesh, Hotspur, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I read this post as I was waiting for my son to finish hockey and formulated a response letter to the suck asses who actually said those nasty things to you. Here is said letter:
    Dear Suckass,
    This blog is designed for my enjoyment and those who appreciate, not only good grammar, but well spoken dialogue regarding life. If you have issues…go to therapy. This blog is not for spewing hatred/non-sensical horseshit or any fucked up views you currently posses.
    Have a nice day!
    Yours in everything blog-worthy and grammatically correct,
    Ps You smell.
    Feel free to do as you wish…I will still be here to read.


    • He does have a way with words, doesn’t he? LMAO .. As you say – this is MY space, for all I’m sharing it with the world – so sod off *grins* I especially like your PS .. May I steal it now and then please?!??!?!

  10. It’s sad when you try to entertain people and they tell you those things… Well, if they don’t agree on the content, they shouldn’t read it. It’s as easy as that.

  11. You can use this…

    Hopefully it doesn’t go to spam because it helps with many situations…

  12. Sorry to hear that things aren’t working out for you … but the crank mail is annoying! I don’t get too much myself but sometimes you get these odd people who read the blog and wonder why I’m taking the piss …. I tend to have a little fun with them, as it can be entertaining!

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