Veteran’s day & Fuck Buddies

Now this is in no way a slur against veterans, it’s just that I’m struggling to understand the stats on my blog going crazy on vet’s day. I have to admit, I’ve not ever checked the searches that point people to my blog but this weekend I did. And I was surprised at what I saw!

Top o’ the pops is the search term: fuck buddy with a ‘healthy’ (?!) lead of 87!

Then the stats plummet in terms of the amount each search term is used but there is definitely a theme!

PS It’s taking all my self control not to title case and run the spell checker over the search terms but I’m gonna do it – I’m gonna hit “POST” and leave it as they appeared in my stats. Aren’t I brave? 😉

PPS I’ve underlined my 2 all time fave search terms .. not the least because they made me both laugh and go “wtf?”

Other search items used to find my blog and their stats (this is for the last week not all on vet’s day) include:

you may be fucking my woman 5

sex buddy 3

excuse me cartoons 3

stfu pills 2

you cant die with your money so why live for it 2

don’t you even think about it kupid 2

harden the fuck up 2

when can i get true love 2

love is best 2

boys with mother issues 2

why do we pay tax 2

fuck off cupido 2

love cupid jokes 2

shoot the love cupid 2

i know its hard for some to stay on topic 2

fuck buddies circle of friends 2

fuck buddy wanted 2

cartoons love, sex, kiss 2

humorous fuck 2

boys and girls both are same quotes 2

love bites 2

boys and girls relationship 2

i wish i had a fuckbuddy 2

what movie star avoids jobs that could bring harm to people 2

fuck-buddy 2

fuck buddy scenario 2

humorous fuck the male sex 1

have a cup of harden the fuck up 1

dumping a control freak 1

cynical bitter and jaded 1

dumped love 1

weak at the knees 1

sex is best 1

fuck buddy friend 1

sex is best 1

cynical and jaded 1

do you think i’m stupid and cartoon 1

married fuck buddy 1

shag buddies 1

how often is it okay for me to text my fuck buddy 1

my. girlfriend is feak .com 1

sometimes when i look at my ex i wonder what i was thinkin the whol time 1

true love is a farce 1


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  1. Ha ha! Those are awesome. It’s amazing how many odd terms bring people to you, or how many terms bring odd people to you. And now, since you’ve done this, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Once you’ve posted this kind of blog post, it makes it that much easier for people to come to your blog whilst searching for these same kinds of things. Let the freak floodgates open!

  2. Personally love: have a cup of harden the fuck up!! And I thought I googled stupid shit…

  3. What people search for… *shakes head*. Yesterday or so I posted about the same subject, but that list beats any other search engine term. Seriously.

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