Drunken texts, hot dates & lesbians

Always the lesbians! πŸ˜‰

Newsflash: I have a date tonight!

I was out with some pals last evening and around 11pm it seemed a fabulous idea (sigh!) to send a slightly drunken text to a gorgeously sexy man I’ve lusted over for .. ever.

Without going into gory details, the elixer of truth kicked in and I said what I’d always wanted to but had always been a bit wary of, for reasons I’m not even sure of really .. I think if I’m honest, I figured I’d be punching above my weight.

But anyhoo, long story short – he’s picking me up after work and taking me out to dinner!

Er, so yeah I may just pop those lesbianism plans on hold.. for the moment, anyway lol


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  1. Great post! Congrats.. & btw, I LUV the cartoon at the end of the blog. Ha!

  2. your not becoming a lezz … Ruined my life 😦 … Only joking … Muff is not my thing!

  3. Best of luck and best wishes… Men would have missed you!

  4. Congratulations! That’s great. Tell us how many times…. I mean, tell us how it goes.

  5. And you didn’t consult with us first?! What the EFF?!

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