When blogs go bad!

1st an apology (or two..)

1. For the one-liner friggen entry that magically posted itself while I was out last evening. WTF? Greeblies in my – er, yanno that sentence is so not working for me – gremlins, that’s better.

Something went awry and we have a one liner SPOILER about a post I was working on. Not happy!

And apology #2. I didn’t ask all ya’lls permission before going on my date the other night. I don’t know what I was thinking and I am sorry (and it may happen again .. grins)

So, now we have that out of the way I guess I should write up a report on my week that’s been. And my weekend that’s looming .. says she with an ever so slightly lascivious leer.. wait this is an R13 blog ok scratch the lascivious and we’ll go “serene smile” instead..

Date night

Appropriately tarted up (hair done and teeth brushed .. I went all out .. lol) Mr DTR (drunken text recipient) collected me from my apartment and whisked me away to town. Throughout the evening conversation flowed without any of those painfully awkward pauses that can happen when 2 virtual strangers find themselves together alone.

We enjoyed a gorgeous meal in a very trendy restaurant in the city, it was relaxed and it was fun. This guy has class .. near the end of the evening while I’m sitting drinking my coffee after a leisurely meal.. he excuses himself and goes off to the mensroom.

Least I think that is what he was doing .. then when we leave, NONE of that “er, shall we go Dutch” bullshit. He’d already settled the bill and we just walk out..

Oh and as we left, he puts his hand in the small of my back and “guides” me out (I don’t know how else to explain it?) But it was hot, just quietly! 😉

Some of the things I enjoyed are the fact that he opened the car door, waited til I was seated then closed it. He opened the restaurant doors for me. (OMG What am I, 86yrs old? I know .. but it was something I did find myself going “this is nice”)  He was attentive.. We were in a very popular / crowded place, and for all he knew lots of people there he was very much paying attention.

He was not pushy but he was not a push over. That balance is hot!

We did kiss good night, and most definitely there was a “moment” (but he didn’t try to extract my tonsils with his tongue!) Good kissing is very very important, let’s face it.

Nor did he take the kiss as foreplay!

Oh and he wasn’t pushy to get into the apartment again or my bed. He sent texts en route home, afterwards and ..

We’re going to go out again this weekend 🙂

Dumb Shit my Blog did!

I do not know why my one liner blog entry appeared in your inboxes overnight, sorry about that. Am kinda cross cos it’s completely put me off finishing the damn thing now *sulk* I was drafting up an entry as tho my parents had written it, much the way you do HEELLIS! I love shit your kid does 😉 Anyway maybe later I will finish it but for now I have fun weekend chores to do and a date to prepare for!

Oh and this experience has bought about some more thoughts about dating, men and being single (as I am wont to do!) so brace yourselves for some more questions and ponderings later!


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  1. OracularSpectacular

    I love the way he did that. I took some friends out to a fancy dinner last year; I knew they didn’t all have money to spend so when I went to the bathroom midway through I stopped the waitress and paid her for all we would need, It makes the whole “bill” awkwardness fade away. IMO if you really want to pay you don’t wait for the bill to come- an awkward conversation will surely ensue!

    Good luck on your next date!!

    • that’s a neat thing to do! I’ve done similar things like that before .. what I really can’t bear is the whole “everyone stares at their finger nails” thing (like when you’re accosted by bucket carrying charities in the streets!) it’s like OH COME ON PEOPLE .. !

  2. Wow, sounds like a great guy. Congratulations! You know, don’t take this the wrong way, but I secretly hope you eventually have no reason to post about dating, men and being single, because you’ll marry a woman! No, seriously, I’m pulling for you to meet Mr. Farcelane and get hitched. Here’s to telling your grandchildren about the time you got drunk and texted their new grandpa! Man, I’m really fucking this up, huh.

  3. He sounds AMAZING!! I love him already. I hope he stays great..for you..

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