It’s my blog, I’ll talk shit if I want to!

Now it’s fair to say I’m in a slightly pissy mood, so it is entirely possible that I may be less pleasant than I try to be normally. That disclaimer made – some of you will remember my post where I responded to being slagged off by some charmer who said I’d never land myself a man cos I was a whinging bitch (or words to that effect).

Last batch of hate mail (ok so I am exaggerating, it was two emails in 10 days .. batch may make you think I field dozens of emails .. I don’t!)  basically said two things:

1. I need to not obsess over finding a man / love.

Because apparently unlike everything else in life, love is one of those things that just sort of comes to you when you least expect it. If only wealth, health and wellbeing worked the same way huh..

2. I need to write about things other than men, dating, relationships and such.

See now this one confuses me because if you took the time to read any of my entries, I would presume you also checked out the “about me” page? Where I state quite clearly that this blog is about my thoughts as I ponder the mystery of true love and such things.. which begs the question why the $#@! you felt obliged to tell me to write about the weather or cats on a blog that’s about relationships and love.

Do you go to a car enthusiasts page and tell them to blog about love?

Allow me to assist anyone else out there who may be confused about this topic:


[foh-kuhs] noun

1. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts.
2. keeping her blog on topic or else it’d be called “random thoughts about all manner of things.”


[uhb-sest] adjective

1. having an obsession  (usually followed by with  or by ): He is obsessed with eliminating guilt.

Oh and to the woman who said I will not find a man cos I’m obsessing over him on this blog, to you I say: Bollocks. Oh and this: You’re an idiot.

Right, tanty thrown. As you were..


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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Well some folks just feel the need to help with everything don’t they?? hahaha! It is your blog–if they don’t like it they don’t have to read. Nobudy is makin’ em! 😀

  2. Ha! Your tanty is awesome, yea, plus you do stay on topic which is something I’ve been very bad about lately. My blog needs some structure… Crap.

    • Well may I refer you to the definition of focus in my last post? *smirks* I dunno if they do need structure? Heck it’s our diaries (for all we’re letting the world in!) sod it, it can be whatever the heck you want it to be : )

  3. I applaud you and your posts! Thank you for sharing them they like you are perfect expressions of you!

  4. Ugh…such ‘haters’ out there. You forgot “you smell”. That always makes me feel better. I’m glad date #2 was lovely. Here’s looking forward to #3!

  5. That’s hilarious. What is WRONG with people?! Gees. I hope you reply to their stupid emails with the link to the posts you write in response, and let them know that they might enjoy this particular post which is a bit off topic.

  6. You’re too funny. I feel your frustration though. Got hate mail along the same lines. Stupid bastards telling us what to write. (Commenting and reading through my phone. I’ll be back later.)

  7. Blows my mind that you get hate mail! I too have been slapped with that “stop looking and it will find u ” bs about love & relationships. How is this non-strategy a strategy? In what other areas of our lives do we operate like this? Not work & career, not education… Hell, even welfare doesn’t come to the lazy (ok, maybe struggling) or unemployed unless you FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK! Life requires thought and action! Keep going!

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