This dating thing isn’t for wimps!

The update you didn’t know you needed!

2 dates: done.. No idea what I’m on about? Check it out here!

There’s been lots of texts.. entertaining, sexy, cheeky – all good.. approx. mm I’d guess 50 a day?

As well there’s been quite a few kisses. Nice kisses πŸ˜‰

And somewhat bizarrely, there’s been leg stroking (I know that sounds creepy but somehow it worked) in public, no less. OK OK before you all panic – I had my legs crossed .. sitting facing him .. we were at a table and he naturally (coff) reached down and goes “do they go all the way up” .. talking about my pantyhose… I think, lol

And now:

We have a deathly silence..

DTR sent a text last evening. I replied. And there’s been nothing since then .. I’ve sent another, designed to gently tantalise .. (remind him I’m alive, lol) And there’s been nothin’.

Mm.. the jinx continues? Buggered if I know!



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  1. I did it. Had a first date last night myself, A mutual friend fixed us up, me and her.

    A little footsy business at a bar after dinner. In a turnabout, she asked me if they went all the way up, but they were just calf-length. Brown worsted.

  2. I’m hooked on your progress……..

  3. I ate him so that I could have you ahaha!! Only joking, he is a man communication is not there strong point!!

  4. The inclusion of texting as part of the dating ritual is something I’ve never really experienced. I’m anxious to see what happens next, if for no other reason than to get a better understanding of the place of texting in courtship!

  5. Well. I’m interested. Your blog is now a mini-series. πŸ™‚

  6. I agree with Lovelylici a mini series for sure. I bet he is attached in some way. Do some snooping

    • LMAO @ mini-series! You two are funny .. Hmm @ snooping. I know his ex wife, so it wouldn’t be hard to *grins evilly* I dunno, I doubt he’s attached. Both dates were in public places and it was obvious to anyone we were not having a business ‘function’ πŸ˜‰

  7. Not attached. Maybe giving you the cling test. Waiting a day or two to see if you text him 57 times and 5 voice messages. Patience, and I bet he’ll respond shortly.

  8. Yeah I’m inclined to think the crazy cling test. Funny, I mentioned I’d met a guy recently and swapped business cards well we’ve been chatting intermittently (refer earlier “text relationship” comment!) via texts.

    He sent me a text last night saying he was out of town and did I miss him yet (in context that made sense, don’t panic lol) I replied with “gee, I dunno. Say yes and be crazy stalker chick. Say no and be mean bitch. I’m gonna go with “maybe”. He replied with “You passed that test, well done”. Sheesh!!!!

  9. As an actual update on the original post:

    I sent him one tempter, no stress or neediness but a response to something he’d sent and a brief follow up with a little more info and have not sent anything since. So am I coming across as cold bitch or ..? πŸ˜‰

    I’m gonna leave it cos really, what else can I do? The next move is totally up to him.

    Or I could send another text and sound totally desperate? Oh wait .. I am desperate, forgot about that .. *grins* Right, enough of this nonsense. Work calls. Least that is always there for me (damnitall!$!#!#%!!@)

  10. My wife and I did that same thing years ago, and it was very romantic. We were at a quiet restaurant, and stared into each other’s eyes, and, well… it was a great night. But dammit, those pantyhose were a bitch to get on.

  11. Once I dated a guy that came on all heavy with the texting like crazy and even “I miss you”s way early… Then he called me a nut job when I reciprocated! Ya never can tell what’s going on in the minds of men.

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