3rd date tonight!

So we all seem to be in agreement that second dates are scary .. but a 3rd? Almost kinda fun to contemplate, actually 😉 And yeah I know, you will all be smugly smirking (is there any other kind of smirk?) about my panic attack the other day ..

Cos poor DTR (Drunken text recipient) dared to not message me for x period of time.

Turns out he’d left his phone in someone’s car and had to go without it for 16 hours before he tracked said person down and was able to get his phone back. I’ve had 87 (yes, I counted, in the interests of accuracy on my blog!) texts since this event.

Not overly apologetic moreso just saying what had happened and communicating as per ‘normal’.

Oh but one of aforementioned 87 was an invitation to do something this evening. So, any minute now I will be whisked away to yet another evening of .. I don’t know what.

May we all say “gosh!” <– insert your own adjective as you see fit, I look forward to the comments section when I get home lol

What’s funny is that this control freak (me, for those not sure) has NO idea where she is going but she knows it’ll be nice, so she’s dressed accordingly and she doesn’t actually care that she knows not where she’s going cos she’s kinda thinking it’ll be fun anyway.

THIS is curious, considering earlier posts where I’ve speculated over what I like or want or need from a man.

Seems him “being confident” is good.

More later, he’s 5 mins away. Text 88 told me so 😉



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  1. Look at yooou! All daterrific and stuff! Holy! (That’s my “gosh” right there. Holy.)
    Looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. Someone’s getting serious! Look at our girl, all growed up.

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