I am SUCH a bad person!

I noticed today that I have 69 followers. And I giggled.. I know, I know .. I so need to grow the hell up..

And just because it also made me giggle – here’s a cartoon I got in the mail overnight:

On a different note, it is Friday. I like Fridays. Fridays I finish work early and head out on the town with friends and generally act very badly. It’s great! Refer earlier grow up statement and let me add: I REFUSE! 😉

Have a happy day everyone!


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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Sweet! One of my personal favorite numbers as well… I don’t have near that many followers though! A laugh is appropriate. I would certainly have to say I hope you enjoy your Friday and it sounds like you are! Thanks for your post it certainly made me smile… Wickedly!

  2. It’s still Thursday where I am. Jealousssss! Haha

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from your American friends!

  4. Happy Friday! I hope I was the 69th.

  5. I’m tired of being good, let’s be BAD. Stole that from a song, but I mean it!

  6. Hahaha. Why grow up? – that is no fun at all. The older I get the younger I act.

  7. fk I am sorry I am so slow to reply to comments, I really struggle to work out a simple way of managing them grrr if you ever comment and I ignore you – send me a smack k 😉

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