I don’t believe in love

I uttered those words today. Wow!

It’s right up there with saying “I don’t believe in god”, to me.

Raised as a good catholic (I know, don’t go there!) girl, this was not something I found easy to do but once I’d realised it was how I felt – I was totally ok with it and don’t even think about it now.

But during brunch with DTR a couple of hours ago I said to him, in a fairly serious conversation about relationships (we were talking about our past romances) “mm, I just don’t think I believe in love .. ”

Hmm, something to ponder on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, after all it’s 2 of the biggies we’re supposed to aspire to, right?

Ah hell my poor brain lol I’m off for a bike ride and then to go sit in the sun with friends and drink champagne and watch the election results..And maybe discuss my sacriligous utterances 😉


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  1. You can at least see love happening to other people, right? I mean they seem to be…. they look like they…. oh crap…..

  2. They always say you find love when you aren’t looking so maybe this is a good thing.

  3. Take me with you! I want to ride bikes and drink champagne in the sunshine! As for the belief in love, maybe it will come back around like it did for me.

  4. I’m always confused by the talk about “believing” in love. I guess it’s something that I just never questioned. It exists, whether you have it, give it, get it, or not. Like Alaska. I’ve never been there, but I’m pretty sure it exists. People don’t need to believe in it.
    Maybe, for you, love it more like the Bermuda triangle? Or unicorns? Or do you mean “I don’t believe in love” in more of a “I don’t believe in violence” sort of way. Like, you know it exists, but you’re just in support of it (not that you don’t support love). Oh, dear. Do you know what I’m saying here? I’m not sure that I do any more. LOL. I know what I MEAN. That’s about it. LOL.

    • Look lady, I was ALREADY confused!!! *dies laughing* But I do like your “I know Alaska is there even tho I aint been there”.. I do not think I believe that I will find that ever after love you hear some people speak of. I DO think I need to revisit what I want and then that will help 🙂

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