Speed dating, IT happens

Dating – with the “assistance” of cellular technology, has changed irrevocably and I can’t decide if I like it or not.. Let’s think back (not too far, now!) to when I was a young thing going on my first ever date.

First he chatted to me in a school environment, safely surrounded by his pals and mine while we waited for the school bus I think it was. This took place approx. every few days, depending on sports and other after school happenings.

So there’d be a shy smile exchanged, maybe a hello .. or if time permitted “how was your day?” (or probably more “$#@!% I hate maths” since we were spotty teens in school, after all) til eventually the day a telephone numbers was requested.

Using olden day stuff called a pen and paper, I wrote it down and handed it over! Said scrap of paper, torn from a notebook was carefully tucked into his wallet and taken home.

Then the poor boy had to get brave and actually dial the number one evening. I’m gonna guess without the help of alcohol 😉 The stress wasn’t over yet though! Because once he called, he had to get past whichever adult answered our telephone.

You see, I was bought up in a household where the parents were in charge! So he not only had to talk to them (if at least to stammer “er, hello Mrs. X, may I please speak with Ms. X?” and assuming they were in a helpful mood the phone would be handed over ..which was never a guaranteed event!) then he had to man up and talk to ME!

So we chatted about whatever we knew of the other. How was school? Did you see me ride past you when you were playing football last night? etc.. I recall it was awkward and not really that much fun, just quietly!

Then finally, he mustered up the courage to ask if I wished to do something with him on Saturday. It was always Saturday because that was the weekend and weekends aren’t school nights therefore that’s all you were allowed!

Helluva lot easier to flick a “wnt 2 go out tmrw nite?” than to actually pick up the phone, initiate a conversation AND ask someone out on a date. Right?

Fast forward to the here and now.

DTR gets a drunken text from me and (amazingly!) replies positively with some electronic chit chat. 9 days ago. We’ve since sent many (i.e. hundreds) texts and been on 3 “dates”. By date I mean he’s taken me out to dinner or drinks and dinner and we’ve sat in gorgeous restaurants and talked for hours on end.

Interestingly, not a single phone call has taken place. Meh, old technology 😉

If I had to label the “stage” of our “relationship” courtesy of texting and the 3 dates in one week thing (being a growed up and not having to wait for Saturdays is so much funner, fyi!) I would go so far as to say we’re months into it lol..

Due to my being cheeky he knows way more about me, including my sexual preferences (that was an amusing text exchange and I now know to put my phone somewhere safe when drinking!) than I’d expect someone to after 3 meetings.

Hell, he knows more about me in 3 dates and 9 days than any poor boy knew about me after a month of Sundays back when I was a girl.

I guess it’s ok at my age to have this speed thing going on, because hey we’re neither of us getting any younger. But it does make me think I am pleased I don’t have kids doing the dating thing with cell phones, ipads and other things helping them along!

And heck, did you know there are actually websites devoted to telling you how to make maximum use of your cell phones and technology to date? Surreal..

Anyway, if you will excuse me, today is election day. Mr DTR is picking me up in a little while and taking me to brunch then we’re going to go cast our votes. I wonder which party he’s voting for?

I know, I’ll text and find out .. 😉


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  1. back in the day, face-to-face, I’d get rejected right away. now with electronics, they keep the conversation going for ages, until i send a photo.

  2. Where the hell is the ‘like’ button, sweetie? 🙂

  3. I personally like the speed thing, but I think it freaks people out. It’s like the texting speeds things along & they want to regulate the pace but aren’t sure how or what pace would be sufficient with out losing the other party’s interest!

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