I signed up for it today in a rare bout of enthusiasm for social networking, but I have to fess up – after a few moments of clicking around the site I just.. don’t.. get.. it. Can someone please explain it to me?

Do you use it? Why? How?? Am I missing something?

OK I have no friends but that aside 😉

What’s the point of it?


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  1. I use facebook ALL the time. Really…I have 250+ “friends” on there. Mostly people from High School, a few ex boyfriends, and people that I see in real life all the time, but we post pictures and just keep up with those you would generally lose track of as close as 10 years back. People that I HAD lost track of until recently. Current BF I hadn’t spoken to since HE graduated in ’98, but we found each other on Facebook, a few cheesy messages and texts later and life is moe comical with him. It’s fun for stuff like that.

    Have fun with it! Look up people you always wondered about from your past.

  2. You have to drink the Kool-Aid first. Then it all makes sense 🙂

  3. I use it to keep up with family and friends. I have a couple of new FB friends that I played games with for a while. It turns out they are loads of fun even when we are not engaged in a game. I like it but I am finding less time to get on lately.

  4. It’s fun to keep up with folks you lost track of way back when… Mostly it becomes just another “thing” to do on the computer or on your smart phone.

  5. I don’t get it either. I closed mine down due to weirdos, though. I also have Twitter, but I never remember to update it. Sorry I can’t help here.

  6. Here’s what it’s for:
    1) Connect with people you haven’t seen in a while
    2) Play games
    3) post pictures
    4) Realize why you haven’t seen the people in a while
    5) Realize the games are chores, wishing people happy birthday is a chore, and there are lots of other chores and nagging, and how intrusive FB really is
    6) drop down to once a week, then once every two weeks
    7) (assumption) Stop using it.

    You’re at 7 now. You can go to 1 if you want to.

  7. It makes more sense if you have “friends.” It makes even more sense if some of those “friends” are smart and funny. I have about 10 smart, funny friends out of about 400. They keep me company in my once-again single life. More importantly, they keep my wit better honed.

  8. lol. For a long time I went back and forth about the value of allowing Facebook to be a part of my life. Unfortunately (or fortunately, not sure yet) I’m single now and like Unconfirmed Bachelorette said above- it helps keep me company. Not to mention being a mother, part time student, and working full time, Facebook has pathetically become my only “social” life. Of course – it has recently had a stroke – Facebook, that is. Just be patient with it. It has it’s benefits and it’s annoyances just like any other friend. 😉

  9. Wait. You don’t get Facebook, but you Twitter? That’s one I just don’t understand at all. I have one, but still have no idea what to do with it. Or… how to read Tweets. Maybe we should share pointers. LOL

  10. oh fk I don’t get twitting either!! It was easier to link to my blog tho lmao

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