This post comes with a (dire) warning

I’m drinking (only 2 3 backspaces so far .. woooh @ me .. that now should read 6 .. crap) and blogging.. And I’m cranky. I don’t PMS, surgery has removed that option so when I am a grumpy bitch I OWN it 100% *grin*

But I am grumpy. I’ve been dirnking oh fuck drinking (dinking? hahah shit) all atferbio.. jhesus. AFTERFUCKINGNOON. (This is gonna be hard work, who knew) \\

Why am I grujmpy?

I, am thnking about XMas. mmm Ho ho happy blah blah. So, what ar yo doing for Xmas?

Me, I think zi Will be home aolone.

Bar humbug <– hahah get it?


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  1. At least I will have work to keep me occupied, but let me tell ya how thrilled I am to be spending another holidays season -alone-. I will admit, it’s better than spending it with someone I do NOT enjoy. Still, bar humbug!

    • That is true, there’s something quite gutting about being lonely when someone is with you, isn’t there! Work is a good plan. I am thinking of going away but then again, I may just stay home and enjoy the city cos everyone ELSE will have gone away and it’ll be quiet and nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wish I could come see you! I’m not a fan of Christmas either and I bet you and I could have a blast! We’ll drop in on Megan and then you both can take me around to all the Pubs and teach me how to drink properly!

    • Okay! Altho looking at my boozed up post last night, maybe we need a “disable blog” function for when you come over cos we could think it a good plan to drink lots then connect all our laptops together and blog the hell out of wordpress and scare our fans *grin*

      I dislike Xmas at the best of times, to be fair – so this one will not suck any more than usual..

      I think I need to plan a tour of the U S of A .. imagine that! ooh international incident 101? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • ROTFL .. when do you gals arrive again? I need to start training heheh

  3. I’ve always felt that hibernating from mid November to early January would be the best solution to the holiday season, but I would happily tag along on the pub crawl with you!

  4. I appreciate this window into female camaraderie. I wish I could make everyone’s pain go away, but alas, I’m an asshole.

  5. Oh my! What a post as I sit laughing heartily at the post and responses…You are all awesome and amazing. Many good points and many heart felt! I wish you the best of times as you troll the bars for “boys”. I do however wish to share the thought that if you make a U.S.A. tour you would honor me much if you choose to share a day or two in the world of Mountains I live in and have a great time shared with a “Man”. I will hit the pubs with you and can drink with the best …you! I love your up front and honest sharing of feelings even if they are in a somewhat intoxicated state! Thanks for the smiles! I hope you are indeed having a great day!

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