I hate xmas

I dislike the hype, the expense, the crowds in shops and the music. Oh god I hate the music.Β My definition of hell would be to go shopping on Xmas eve. I can only imagine how bad that has gotta be.

No one can possibly mean “Merry Yuletide to all and sundry” when they’re probably thinking “my feet ache, I’ve been at work since 8am serving customers and wishing them merry everything more times than I can count, the sound system is now playing Hells (jingle) Bells for the 175,769th time this week and I wish you %$#@!’s would let me go home to MY family so I can start to celebrate Xmas too.”

Of course, as a child I thought Xmas was bloody marvellous. Loads of good food, relaxed friends & family, Summer holidays and gifts. What’s not to like!?

More recently and yes – it’s tied in with losing both my parents (I didn’t even need a shrink to know that lol) I’ve just spent it moping around feeling sorry for myself. Pity parties can be fun, in nice weather one can take one’s picnic pity party and hit the beach where you have people relaxing and enjoying themselves around you. It’s kinda hard not to smile as you see kids tearing around with their new toys, happy in the sunshine..

This year, I am torn between going away somewhere or staying put. I’m in a new town. I don’t know my neighbours (not that this worries me overly). I’m pretty sure I’m not seeing DTR because he has kids who will spend some of the day with him and we’re just not in that place of Xmas time together, I’d guess.

I’m a little scared of staying home alone, because I do feel a bit mentally-messy .. how tragic would a blog post on Xmas day be? Geez ..

But anyway, how do you celebrate the 25th December each year? Maybe I can get some ideas from you all!

Bottle of 18yr old single malt and a deck chair on the roof so far holds most appeal..


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  1. I vote for going somewhere. Anywhere. Have an agenda of stuff that you want to do that you actually enjoy.

  2. haha I love the photo in your post. What I do for holidays, (since none of my family lives where I do), is a “misfit” holiday where you get together with a friend or two who also doesn’t have family, and just celebrate together any way you’d like.

  3. Yeah! Go somewhere! If ManText is busy, and you don’t know anyone where you live yet, then wherever you are you’re not going to know anyone. So go somewhere great, and nice, and have a good time!

    For Xmas, this is the stop. Everyone comes over to our house. Consequently, I never go anywhere for Xmas.

  4. You gotta do something! Even if it’s knocking of a manger or throwing rocks at trains (ala It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). You don’t want to make it a habit of hating a day where people have an excuse to be nice to you.

  5. Go somewhere! I vote from pouring the scotch in the kitchen to drinking the scotch in the sitting room!

  6. The Beach and Bourbon sounds like a winner! Maybe some clams and a beer as well!

    • Sounds like a brilliant plan! πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing ok too.

      • Thank you you are adorable! I am doing great and am happy to see the smile! I may have to take a trip over there and take that day on the beach! It is cold as hell here.. Wait hell is hot. Um the north pole rather. I enjoy your posts! I would note that I would do dinner with you at the homeless shelter or anywhere for that matter.Keep smiling Gorgeous!

    • Did you just ask me to a date at a homeless shelter? *grins*

    • Ok but I should warn you, I’m vegan lactose intolerant and gluten free. Could you let the shelter know when you call to make our reservation pretty please?


      • Sure I will call and confirm our reservation, yet as for the requested change in menu… I will make a plate for you with your diet in mind as to show the love I would share.The others we shall serve in the same manner and allow them the pleasures of their own diet and happiness on a day that is for all to share in and with love. How much is a plane ticket? I do take that as perhaps a yes you would accept my invitation to our first date? πŸ™‚ You are quite a Gem!

  7. I say don’t count DTR out just yet… I too am a parent who will see her children for atleast part of the day, but that leaves another possibly bigger part of the day where the house is quiet & it gets lonely.

    • That would be hard, only seeing your kids half the day although I suppose they will love getting to do the rounds so that will make it easier πŸ™‚

      We’ll see what happens, I’m prepping myself to ask the big Q tonight over dinner..

  8. I found you through Life is A Bowl of Kibble. Here’s me: If my kids are around, we do the Christmas thing. If not, we do Jewish Christmas: Stay in the movie theater all day. One year, I volunteerd at a nursing home. That was great. You know, you could simply drive around, going to where people are celebrating (or not) in unlikely places (like sitting at MacDonalds). If you were really brave, you could ask them why they are there. That would make an amazing blog post.

    • LMAO @ asking them why .. I have no qualms talking to strangers so yeah that could work. I’ve put my name down to work at the homeless shelter on the day, done that before when I’ve been in need of “a reason for the season” sort of fix.. So maybe that is how I will fill my day, being gentle to people who’s lives are a bazillion times worse than mine. It does help gain perspective mighty damn quickly, sitting talking with someone who sleeps in the streets, I find.

  9. Christmas is the same every year. Except for the gifts. That would suck.
    My family goes to my great-grandmother’s house to have the feast she prepares 90% by herself.
    If I wasn’t gonna spend it with family, I’d get friends to do something random with me. Come up with a menu, get some drinks, sit around playing games, watching movies, etc.
    If by myself, I’d go somewhere VERY different. And do touristy things.
    Whatever it is, I’d make my day FULL.

    • wow that sounds fun in a movie sort of way – everyone together. We used to do that too πŸ™‚

      Problem is nothing is OPEN on Xmas day, you can’t do anything except be with people or home alone.. Hence my “ugh” feelings, trying to prepare for whatever may come..

      I’m tentatively putting out feelers to friends who I think may be alone on Xmas day, watch this space!

      • Another (slightly expensive) option is to go somewhere like Disney World (it doesn’t close on holidays, does it?) or an all-inclusive resort type thing, and DO IT UP.

  10. I’m planning a trip to Europe next year, so to take one for Xmas is a little excessive even for me *grins*

  11. I schedule myself to work. That way I look like Mother Theresa and get sympathy cookies from other people while successfully avoiding my sister and her 45 children who see me as a bottomless present dispenser. I also do a lot of charity stuff around December to remind me that my life doesn’t suck on a big scale compared to most.
    Drinking sounds easier, tho. maybe I’ll change up.

  12. I agree with the majority. Go away. Somewhere warm. Somewhere where Santa seems out of place. Hang out on a beach with a rum drink.

    Sorry about your folks.

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