Do you think I should?

Walking thru’ town last night I saw an old man hobbling along and realised he had a collar, a religious collar – not a more sexually dodgy kinda collar.. (altho .. yeah well whatever .. ) and it dawned on me! Epiphany city!

Instead of having affairs with married men (that was never gonna fly, I am WAY too demanding to share my man!)ย Or becoming a lesbian (seems I’d have to do stuff that I just think may lend to a tad much liver damage, long term) instead..

(drum roll please)

Am going to go join the nuns.

I’ll give you a moment to stop chortling (how rood!) and compose yourself so you can perhaps help me.. Cos yeah, where the hell do nuns hang out, does anyone know?ย I mean I must admit, I have never ever seen a nun strolling thru town.

Where the heck are they all?

I do rather like to wear black, I could be onto something here!


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  1. Remember your concern about liver damage before making any nunnery decisions!

  2. Most nuns no longer wear conventional habits, so they are hard to spot when they venture out from the nunnery.


    You might want to have a “Plan B” … .

  4. I don’t think you want to become a nun … unless you have a really good vibrator ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The only time when being a nun is exciting, is in porn or Japanese cartoons.

    Instead of being a nun, just be something more realistic that wears black… like a swash-bucking female pirate or a ninja. They work with plenty of men to choose from and travel to exotic place and kill exciting people!

    • ooh a female pirate, I can work with that. Always wanted a parrot .. not sure about the hook and the eye patch thing tho?

      I just realised I am already realistic in black. I wear black suits to the office every day lol

  6. I have a collection of nun pics I could show you for outfit ideas. I think I put one of them in a post recently. Or, you could become goth! A goth nun.

  7. Goth and me .. I have blond hair, green eyes and olive skin – do ya think I could pull it off? *grins*

  8. Do you have any political ambitions? If you became a nun, you could run for almost any public office these days and be confident that you’ll win. “How so?” you may ask… Simple. Just run a campaign in which you encourage voters to write at the bottom of the ballot “Nun of the Above”. If people are as sick of politicians where you live, as they are here, you’ll win in a landslide! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. LOLOL @ none of the above ๐Ÿ˜‰

    we just had our elections, I’d have to wait awhile for my turn!

    Gives me a chance to work out my goth look.. *snort*

  10. I don’t think you should become I nun, but I dig the idea of dressing like a nun. Who says they get to have a monopoly on that look just because they’re nuns? You have every right to wear a habit.

    Mind you, I’m not sure how it’ll go over. Although I’d love to go drinking with you sometime. Headline: Drunken Nun Impostor Arrested for Public Indecency.

    • so where are we going, and when? I have a busy social calendar!!!! Esp for indecency type stuff *grin*

    • LMAO @ looking like a nun. I guess the concept behind the habit is to make one not look like a woman, shapeless and scary .. black material etc? Liddle do you boys know us girls are scary anyway!!

      So when we go out drinking, are you gonna dress as a Priest?

      I think we could draw a bit of a crowd ya know, some of the girls from here would wanna join us .. and so would Hotspur in his rabbit ear sweater and fingerless gloves.

  11. My support depends…
    One whether or not you can still blog.
    What at the rules of nunnery anyway?

    • ROTFL … Apparently, Nuns get nun – 1st AND 2nd problem!!

      As to technology, would typing or texting constitute breaking my vow of silence??

      Fk that, it’s the chastity one I am still worrying about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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