Awkward Q’s, when dating

And I don’t mean the one where you “recommend” that they perhaps go to their Doctor, for all I am sure that would be immensely awkward.. I mean talking about things that may or may not spook the other person during the conversation, i.e: “So, what are you doing at Xmas?”

Cos I plan on having that conversation this evening with DTR – that’s “drunken text recipient” and the guy I’ve been on some 10 dates with, ever since I sent him a very unambiguous text (under the influence of one too many martinis one evening) about why I felt he should take me out on a date some time.

This comes back to my post where I say I like to plan things .. cos I wanna know what I am doing on Xmas day or more to the point – what I won’t be doing, so that I can plan something else should I feel inclined.

Do you think it’s OK to ask? We are just 20 days from D-Day after all.. It’s totally normal for people to start planning Xmas things in bloody September or October so me asking 3 weeks out can’t really be bad, surely? But we’re also only 10 dates in .. for all it’s been a fast 10, lol

Unghhh decisions.. Think I will just try to “orchestrate” generic Xmas conversations, to get us on the right theme and see what happens..


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  1. 10 dates is enough to spend some time, but maybe not all day. I’d suggest Mr. Text spend the day with the fam, and then maybe go out with you in the evening and have a lovely dinner. That sounds great to me. It’s what I’d do if I was him.

    • oh I didn’t plan on the day with him .. just wasn’t sure if it was too soon to envisage spending part of ‘that’ day with him… Nothing is open here on Xmas day or if it is, it’s booked since June! Unless we do Maccers and sit beneath the golden arches…

  2. I am shocked…:) You by example of your blog posts would not just “put it on the table” Of course you should ask and have a right to yourself and the relationship you would like to have with DTR to do so! Hell yes ask and share your feelings and needs for asking! You are adorable!

  3. I don’t think there should be an issue with asking, but I wouldn’t hold my breath to be included in family plans at ten dates. Maybe Christmas is for family, but New Years is for dating?

  4. How about a nice “After opening pressies with my psycho family, I will seriously be up for adult beverages…want to swill the Nog with me?” …….

  5. How about you shoot a video of you wearing nothing but a furry hat singing Santa Baby? Guys like subtle stuff like that.

  6. I say ask. What’s the harm in asking? Really, what is he going to run screaming from the table? nahhhh… maybe on a third date, but not now. hehehe


    Yes, it’s ok to ask what he’s doing for Christmas! You’d ask any one of your other friends, right? But don’t be disappointed if he already has plans.

  8. Meh! It’s just a question. A possible conversation point. That question gets tossed around a LOT around this time of year. There’s no need for you to ask in a way that suggests that you want/expect anything. Just ask it. Maybe he’ll say, “The usual family stuff…” and go to explain, or he may say, “Well, I was hoping to spend some time with you…” Who knows?! ASK!

  9. My brain is only thinking dirty thoughts today… so I say … less conversation, more love making… I apologies, I am sure normal Megan will be back soon, if not, life is about to become a lot more passionate!!

  10. The chat didn’t go so well. Nuff said, I may post about it later .. 😦

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