I’m single, not dying!

There is a bunch of people on this planet whose sole purpose in life is to irritate me, I know this. And today’s lot are the ones who ask me if I’m single (which is a-whole-nother issue but I’ll save that for another day / rant) and then when I say yes, they respond with:

“oh dear .. ”

And sort of trail off into a now awkward silence (with a gently .. somehow sympathetic smile) .. as tho I might cry due to my delicate (and single!) state.

But you see, I don’t think I mind being single. After all, I’ve spent over half my living years in this state. Sure, some days it’d be nice to have an “other half”, but then I remember what a pain in the ass I am and I remind myself why I am single πŸ˜‰

So ya know what?

From now on when someone says to me “Guess what!? I’ve met someone, we’re dating!” I am gonna go “aww .. sorry to hear that ..” and tilt my head in a sympathetic angle,applying the same pitying face they give me when I say I’m still single and see what they $#@! do!


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  1. The funny thing is those people that ask are probably married and wishing they were single again. Not that I would know from experience or anything.

  2. Oh, now… you’re not that bad.

  3. Being single is under-rated and under-appreciated.

  4. Spot on!

    Love that picture of the orang utan!!

  5. When people ask me if I’m married, I smile and say, “No, I’m happy.”

  6. Some people can’t imagine. Being a complete entity on their own. They must have watched the Wonder Twins too much as a child. The best super heros are always solo acts!

  7. Ahaha this made me laugh, I so wanna say sorry to hear that when people say they have met someone.

  8. if you have a single mind, then stay that way. if you don’t wont to be restricted for what you wanna do,stay single. it may be times where you wanna be wit someone or go out,jus get you a friend. if you get horney CALL YOUR FRIEND !!!!

  9. I just love the in your face way you write, I also happen to have the perfect picture for your site, I wish I had some way to send it to you, and NO it is not some naked pic of me or another, sorry to let you down on that one.

    Thanks for reading my blog as well!

    • I loved your blog entry, it made me go all silly / gah-gah reading it πŸ˜‰

      Maybe you could email me the pic?

      Curiosity is killing me lol

      • Id be happy to but I have no email addy for you, the one that I found for you that you created the link to is not working.

        perhaps you could create a free hotmail account just for this type of thing and send it in a reply here?

        by the way which blog entry did you read?

  10. One step ahead of you there!
    Try this: iwantmyownnamebutcannot@gmail.com

    I read this one: http://klextin.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/the-fallible-man/
    It was beautiful. I need to work on my being bitter and cynical, clearly

  11. I tend to whip out the sarcasm on full blast in moments like these… Oh, ya so sad I don’t have some big jerk bitching at me for not doing the god damn dishes… Stinkin up my place while drinkin beer with his shoes off and watchin Sports Center. I’m all broken up about it.

  12. great post farce and spot on [was 35 when i got married so definitely a veteran of the ‘oh dear’] – would post links to it but my audience might be a bit brutalised by your last line but i really enjoyed it…

  13. I “liked” this post, only because it was well written. I hate being single… it’s not for me. Glad you’re one of the people that can handle it.

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