Intelligence & Love

Some day scientists will find a direct correlation between one’s IQ and their love life of this I am sure. Problem is, that while I may have occasionally banged on about how I like to think I am a moderately intelligent woman. (If nothing else I’m well educated!) I do actually like to learn and do new men stuff regularly ..

But when it comes to love then at best, I could be described as a monosynaptic cretin.  

Honest to god, as soon as cupid starts lurking around the fringes of my world, my brain ceases to function in a rational and calm fashion. And it really pisses me off. They say if you can admit a problem then you’re halfway home. Here goes:

“Hi, I’m Frederique and I become dumber than a bag of hammers when I enter into the mysterious realm of love and associated stuff.”

Cool, sorted – now I should be fine, right?

Maybe not ..

It is something that does bug me though. How I doubt myself and generally stop making sense when I am in a relationship..

Definitely something to ponder on and see what I can do to sort it out before too much longer cos I’m gonna guess a guy is attracted to my cheeky and down to earth attitude ..

Then gets to know me and realises I’m human like any other $#@! female out there 😉


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  1. Though I’m comfortable with my comportment within the context of a relationship, I try to be honorable to a fault, I always lose (so far). So when I read the beginning of your post these Social Distortion lyrics jumped to mind – about myself:

    At any other game I never lose.
    But when it comes around to
    Love that’s when I realize
    I was born the king of fools.

  2. Everyone is a little demented in the world of love. But not many people realize that dementia is a motor, and they just keep on peddling. That’s my attempt at making sense of it all. I’m such an idiot.

  3. unhappy musings on a world in flames

    Guys have a way of making me doubt myself too, despite my best attempts to the contrary.

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