Smile and the world smiles with you..

If nothing else it makes people think you got laid? I love misguided people and gosh let’s face it, the planet is simply groaning with them but why (whyyyyy!?) do they all seem to congregate around me?

What the $#@! is she on about? Well, I dunno really. Bear with me and we’ll see where this goes cos it’s 6am and I’m still half asleep. I guess I’m kind of responding to a very sweet email someone sent me after reading my last blog entry.

You see, apparently I am giving off the wrong energy to the universe 😉

SO this is to replace that post with something less “tragic” in tone to a) ensure people do not think I’m about to top myself and to b) remind the universe that I’m a liddle bit crazy but not completely there .. yet 😉

Hmm what to say, what to say .. There’s a reason I don’t tend to blog during the week – I don’t write well under time constraints, clearly!

OK I’ve got it – did you know that I’m that woman? (At 42 I suspect I am too old to call myself a girl) But I digress .. as usual..

I’m that woman. 

The one the crazy people on public transport just KNOW to sit next to cos I will talk to you if you engage with me. The one the homeless people on the streets smile at and wave. Preferably from up-wind.. Annoyingly, I’m the one kids gravitate towards too. They can smell my fear?

But that’s nothin’!

Yesterday I was walking along and some gang members (from a very nasty gang) were sauntering along. I didn’t notice them til I was almost in their personal space (which as a rule should be kept very LARGE) I looked up and smiled without really thinking and said “excuse me” and I got the sweetest smile back from this big black bad ass.

He looked as shocked as me, as we side stepped each other and kept on going – it made me smile to think I can even make gang members (who’d beat their own Mother up for a few dollars) smile! Maybe he’ll be nicer to his girlfriend for a few days, who knows!

I kinda like the idea of random things like that. We have a few character homeless people in the city I live and they all know me cos I sneak them drinks (coffee or energy – not bourbon! lol) or sandwiches every now and then. And they are just so surprised each time. OK so they’re coked out of their tiny minds and don’t recognise me: That’s why they’re surprised? 😉

Without wanting to sound Pollyanna-ish, I do love the notion of smiling at the world. Of course, some days when the world has taken a dump on you from a great height, this aint easy to achieve but most days, I find it’s a nice way to be.

Yesterday was a dump-day no two ways about it .. Today I’m gonna rock on out there and see what happens (got my hard hat and brolley just in case) 😉 Happy daze everyone, it’s time to go to work!


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  1. Ohhhh thats why people look at me funny when I smile in a morning!! I get it!! Although, my friend Dan, who is gay, was a virgin, till he became friends with me and we made a plan for getting him laid, one day he walked into my office at college and smiled. I blurred out “OMG you have lost your V,” … He had, I was right! 😛 That was random but it kinda fits the title 😛

  2. They remember you darlin’ Kindness never goes unnoticed. I love to smile too.

    • It’s such a simple way to make someone feel briefly better, isn’t it! I always try to smile at people as I walk, if nothing else cos it confuses some of ’em but I just like to see them maybe perk up a little. One thing I’ve learned in life is you never know what shit someone is going thru, so maybe a smile will just ease their hurt or anger or loneliness even if for a moment in time.

  3. This blog post felt so open and optomistic. Feel like we got to know you more. Loved it!

  4. Fred, I’m picking up good vibrations. So either you’re in a great mood right now, or you left your vi… something on.

  5. i love the bringing a coffee to the homeless person idea… especially around this time of year

    • You often see them with cups of coffee in their hands here, I think a lot of the cafes will “donate” them to any that happen to be nearby. It’s nice.. I’d rather give food than money – at least then I know it wont be spent on a can of spray paint or cigarettes but will warm them and feed them even if they wish they had the other 😉

  6. Glad to see this post- thought the season was getting to you for a while there. Have a Merry Christmas from Afghanistan!

    • Ugh @ your location. Have a SAFE Christmas, please. I feel for everyone doing their bit (and generally being undervalued) over there. Please report in often so we know you’re safe. I am pretty sure I’ll be blogging on Xmas day so can keep anyone company 😉

    • PS I think the season is getting to me. Two people have wished me merry christmas this last few days and it felt kinda nice to go “hey you too” and walk out smiling 🙂

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