Well thank $#@! that’s over

for another year. Always makes me laugh how everyone bangs on about how stressful Xmas is. Is that because the date changes each year that you’re so surprised and not ready for it? Hmm.. Anyway for your daily dose of cynicism, well let’s just say you’re in the right place!

I am nursing a less than pleasant blend of sunburn and headache after a fantastic day in the sunshine with an odd assortment of people. Turns out splashing oneself in champagne doesn’t save you from burning. I mean heck, who knew .. 😉

So this morning I’m sitting here sipping strong coffee (and swallowing drugs as fast as I can)  and I check my emails to find one from the daughter of a friend of mine.

She wanted to share with me some pictures of her xmas pressie, from her boyfriend. They’re 15. It’s adorable in that eye-stabbing kind of way.

And as I flicked thru the pics I realised what a nasty piece of work I was, cos I muttered to myself “Yeah cos that’s gonna happen”..

You see, the dear boy (and he does seem sweet) had bought her a teddy bear and on the bear’s shirt was their names and the words: “together forever” .. Which is what bought about my cynical comment.. I know, like I said – nasty piece of work 😉

Speaking of work, I aint got none! For 2 glorious weeks! Which means one thing: NO need to get up early. Which means what else!?

You guessed it.. It’s party season! And in 3 hours I am off to the first of many Summer BBQ’s .. Funny to think we’re on the day after Xmas while you’re all half way through yours..

I trust that everyone is having a “wonderful Xmas time”, as the song goes 🙂

PS Yeah, sorry about Santa being late…
But I’ve always had a thing for a man in a suit..


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  1. If Santa looked like that, I wouldn’t let him leave my house! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. The best way to deal with a sunburn is to drink lots and lots of rum. Hell, it works for pirates. Have one for me!

  3. Oh man, he can be my santa any time. I might not ever get up off his lap, but whatever. As always, you make my day. Happy vacation time!

  4. Why are these posts saying December 26? Did I sleep through something?

  5. DiatribesAndOvations.com

    Happy Christmas to you! Enjoy your time off!

  6. I’m so glad that Christmas is over! It isn’t just that people complain about how “stressful” it is – it’s that you get overworked in a series of ridiculous events you may or may not want to be a part of, every commercial on the TV and radio is about “spend this” and “buy that” for the holiday season, and Mariah Carey is blasted over the radio in intolerable doses. I am SO glad Christmas is over!!

    ….all of that said, Santa is HOT. YEEZ!!

  7. “..in an eye stabbing sort of way” LOVE it!

  8. Double ditto what Heather said!!! Except for Santa being HOT, because that’s not the way I roll… (prefer jelly rolls!) I’m so bleedin’ happy that X-mas is over for another year that I’m floating up on the ceiling flippin’ euphoric over it!!! 🙂

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